His Night Lover
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Hello my readers, due to time constraint yesterday, I didn't leave any A/N to my readers. However, I really do feel a need to clear up some stuffs and also to bring my message across.


The reason why I'd chose to update this yesterday even though I told myself I've to leave all these things till after my exams was because I felt a need to give my support to all Luhan stans, all XiuHan shippers, and to all those who love and support EXO. I want to show my support and make my stand through my own little ways.


Luhan might have left EXO, but he'll always be our lovely Luhan whom we adore dearly. Believe in him that he made his choices right and believe that he's hurting as much as we do, or even more. Loving isn't about keeping, like my fic, they loved each other, but they can't keep each other. Did they stop loving? No. This might be just another fiction, but through the story, I hope my readers understand the messages I hide inside those words subtly. 


To Xiumin, Luhan might have broken his promises and left him after getting his heart. He doesn't know Luhan died because he wanted to see Xiumin for the last time and make an end to everything so he could continue living, Xiumin has always been his biggest worry. Xiumin doesn't know how much Luhan sacrificed for his one true love. Similarly, we might be hurt by his actions, but behind all these might be a reason Luhan has been protecting. He has never stopped loving any EXO member

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