Chapter 21

My Idol Boyfriend
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The digital clock in front of you read 01:00, it’s already past midnight and you’re in the van with Kyungsoo, Jongdae, Joonmyeon, Luhan, Minseok and Sehun, on the way back to their dorm when you felt your phone vibrated in your pocket and you swiftly took it out only to receive a message from Hyun Kyun.

To: Ji Yoon

From Hyun Kyun

Ji Yoon ah, please ask the driver to drop them off at the carpark behind the apartment building, the rain is getting heavier. You come up with them as well, I’ve something to brief.

You hurriedly replied an ‘Ok’ before informing the driver. The boys were all worn out from the intensive rehearsals and they were all walking lifelessly back to their dorm. Well, except for the love-struck Kyungsoo, seeing you around him, he seems to have that energy that doesn’t run out. He strayed behind with you while the rest walked ahead. He didn’t want you to be alone, and well, needless to say he was just making sure no sasaengs would appear out of nowhere to hurt you. Experience taught him to better be careful.

“It’s tiring isn’t it?” You casually asked.

“Not when I see your face.” Kyungsoo replied almost immediately like it was just natural to say things like that. You shot him a frantic look.

“Hey! They can hear you!” You whispered, darting your eyes at the five men in front of you. “And didn’t I ask you to think through it, seriously?” You lightly punched his left arm.

“They’re like walking dead now. I’m pretty sure they can’t hear me.” He chuckled softly. “And hey, who said I didn’t?” You blew a raspberry and quicken your pace, pretending to be annoyed by him but he quickly caught up. “Alright, alright. I’ll stop okay? I’ll think through it really really reaaaaaally carefully.”

“That’s more like it.” You smiled.

“But how long do you want me to think through it seriously?” He asked, “When I’ve already knew the answer all along.” He mumbled the second half which you didn’t catch.

“When the time is right.”



When the seven of you reached the dorm, Hyun Kyun and the rest were already back. The boys immediately went straight to bed; only Luhan, Minseok and Joonmyeon bothered changing into their pyjamas. Kyungsoo took the chance when no one’s looking and mouthed a “Goodnight, sweetheart” and you rolled your eyes at him before he head back to his room and you quickly fished out your phone.

To: Kyungsoo who hates me :(

From: Ji Yoon

You just promised me a few minutes ago! If you’re still doing that I’ll never talk to you.

You quickly sent a text and you smiled to yourself. You noticed you still haven’t changed his contact name so you quickly edit it to: “Kyungsoo who likes me :)” and then you chuckled to yourself, hands cupping your own cheeks. Withing seconds, Kyungsoo replied with a simple “Alright! Alright! Always threatening me now… :(”. You were about to reply him but you saw Hyun Kyun making his way to you from the bathroom so you quickly put away your gadget and the message was soon forgotten.

“Ji Yoon ah.” Hyun Kyun called. “Sorry, I needed the toilet urgently. It must be a sign of aging.” He laughed a little.

“It’s fine, don’t worry.” You laughed, “You’re looking young!”

“That won’t help you get a wage raise, young lady.” He joked and you pretended to pout. “Alright, back to work. I wanted to inform you about certain changes regarding your work dynamics.” He began and he took out his notebook and flipped a few pages. “There’s a batch of new trainees that have been accepted in the recent SM audition. Tentatively, you’ll still be doing your normal duties like you’ve been – taking care of the boys and the admin work which I’ll give you but you’ll also need to take care of the selected four female trainees.”

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