Chapter 23

My Idol Boyfriend
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You stayed by Kyungsoo's bed, holding his hand dearly as if you were to let go, he would disappear right before your very eyes. Your eyes fixated on his angelic face, he has been unconscious for two hours already, the doctor had said that although he suffered from some physical injuries but there is nothing serious to be worried about and that he would regain his conscious once the anaesthesia wears off but he would need to stay in the hospital for further check-up to make sure everything else is fine. But as long as Kyungsoo doesn't wakes up, you can't find the least bit of ease in this ruckus.

"Ji Yoon ah, have something to fill your stomach." Hyun Kyun said in a hushed voice as he enters, even though this is a private ward. He walked towards you and handed you an egg mayo sandwich.

You meekly took over the bread and muttered apologetically, "I'm so sorry." Hyun Kyun just shook his head and gave you an assuring smile.

"It's not your fault. He went forward willingly, no one told him to. He knows what danger he would be putting himself in but he still did it. Nobody would have been able to stop him anyway." Hyun Kyun shrugged but worry filled his eyes as his gaze lands on the fragile-looking body lying on the bed.

You didn't know what to react to Hyun Kyun's blatant analysis of Kyungsoo's actions. Does he know already? You don't know if you should mention anything about the ambiguous feelings between the both of you. Instead, your thoughts travelled to the more urgent issues at present. "He needs to be hospitalised for three more days and the doctor said  to give him a week more to rest before continuing with any strenuous activity. If he experience headaches frequently afterwards, he needs to come back for another check-up." You repeated the doctor's words. "What would happen to their schedule then? I need to account for his injuries to the superior. What should I do now?" You earnestly asked, hoping to minimise as much inconvenience you brought to the people around you as possible.

"I've already informed the respective people, although they weren't pleased to hear such news but I can still handle them. Kris is with the rest of the boys now and also handling other matters regarding the changes in the plans. Joonmyeon is on his way here and Sehun is waiting for him downstairs, he refuses to leave for some reason. As for you, once Kyungsoo come to, you could go back and take over Kris' duties so he can focus on his practice too and you can check on the four trainees I mentioned the other day." He said, while arranging the flowers in the vask.

You stood up immediately, wanting to clarify your doubt. "So you mean Kris is covering part of my duties now?" You asked in such slow pace, making sure your question is clear. Hyun Kyun's nod confirmed your queries and you quickly looked for your bag and pack your stuff. "No, I should head back now. I'm causing too much trouble. He doesn't need to carry an extra burden when he has so much in hand now."

The elder held on to your shoulders, trying to calm you down. "Kris was the one who suggested it this way, nobody told him to do it. Besides, he said Kyungsoo would want to see you after he wakes up since he bet on everything to save you. It isn't nice to leave the one who protected you here like that right? You could go after he is awake." He tried.

You were about to say something when Kyungsoo stirred in his slumber. Rushing over, you towered over him to press th

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