Chapter 19

My Idol Boyfriend
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For the past few days, you have been trying to avoid Kyungsoo ever since the little incident that happened at the back staircase. You would avoid every possibility of being with Kyungsoo alone, you hang around with Sehun more or sometimes you just leave them alone as much as possible to keep away from him. That’s not surprising though, just the thought of the small peck on your forehead is enough to make your heart flutter. Your mind has been in a mess since then and you need time alone to sort out your thoughts. Kyungsoo, on the other hand, acts as if nothing had happen and this confuses you even more.

You threw yourself on the couch at the Sky Lounge and heaved a sigh partly because you have to look through the hundreds of emails, and also because you’re still unable to get some sense of the situation you are in.

“How can he just act as if nothing has happened?!” You whined, talking to no one in particular. “So does he mean it or not…” You muttered. Taking out your phone, you gaze at your wallpaper and you let out a small smile unknowingly. You snapped out of your thoughts and whispered to the picture, “What are you doing to me?”

“Who are you talking to?” A voice called from behind. He leaned in closer and teased, “Ah, Kyungsoo ah~”

You jumped from your seat and quickly hid your phone behind your back. “Ryeowook-sshi!” You gasped as you pinked in embarrassment.

“Oh, you can continue with whatever you’re doing. I’m just here to take a breather.” He said in a slightly teasing manner and went to sit on the couch next to you. You sat down hesitantly and you pretended to be busy with your laptop. There were a few minutes of silence before he finally spoke, “So… What’s with you and Kyungsoo?”

“What?” You asked almost immediately.

Ryeowook shrugged his shoulders, looking nonchalant. “Well, nothing. Just, you know, you were talking to him just now …” He said, pointing to your phone. “But then again, not really. Talking to his picture to be exact.” He chuckled softly. “I heard you’ve been avoiding him lately.”

“He told you?” You asked with widened eyes.

He nodded and turned to face you. “Yes.”

“Wh-what else did he tell you?” You stammered and bit your lower lip. You could feel yourself heating up from the embarrassment already.

“My dear, you should know that Kyungsoo and I are like real brothers. Do you think he would hide anything from me?” You stayed silent as you blushed even more, making your face turned into an even darker shade of red. “Why are you avoiding him?” He finally asked.

“I-I need to sort out my thoughts.” You replied, your voice almost inaudible.

“Then does it help?”

You shook your head and played with your fingers.

“Since you can’t even do it when you’ve avoided him, why don’t you try talking to him?”

“Talk to him about this?” You gasped, slightly taken aback.

He just shrugged his shoulders and explained, “Instead of going round in circles and never hitting the point, just go straight in and get things right. It saves you from all the thinking and possibly over-thinking.”


After the short but wise conversation you had with Ryeowook, you continued with your work and read through the hundreds of emails and picking up phone calls from the different companies asking EXO to film CFs, and whatnot. He left soon after you proceeded with your work and you were left alone. Focusing your entire energy and concentration on your work, you managed to put aside any emotional baggage that have been messing with your mind and the time

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