Chapter 10

My Idol Boyfriend
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Hwe Jang Nim - This person is the head of the whole company and all branches.

Sun Bae - Senior


Their dorm was surprisingly pretty tidy for twelve guys to be living together (although it is still quite a mess). It was a surprisingly cold night and even though Suho had the heater half an hour ago, you were still having shivers like you were suffering from some spasms or something. You were all gathered at the living hall and the boys were squeezing by the sofa while waiting for Hyun Kyun to sort his entire planner before addressing all of you. You chuckled softly to yourself at the corner of the floor and secretly took a picture of them for keepsake purpose.

Sehun came out from behind you and handed you a blue blanket with clouds print on it (he was probably in his room earlier). “Use this Noona, you’re shivering since just now.” Sehun gave you an encouraging smile and went over to cuddle with Luhan. You nodded to him in return and mouthed a small thank you. That was really sweet of him. How is he the maknae? He's like a grown up gentleman.

“Alright, kids. I wanted to brief all of you on the upcoming schedules which all of you should have already known, but if you don’t know already, I have to remind all of you again.” Hyun Kyun eyed some of the members whom he knowingly knows has not read the schedule given to them. The papers were either tossed somewhere in their rooms or bag or even used as paper ball for the beagle line to entertain themselves with.

“Ji Yoon-sshi?” He turned to you which startled you a little and you immediately shot up. “You’ve to take note as well since you’re their new assistant. Your responsibility is equally as big since the boys are so careless and forgetful; it’s also your duty to be aware of what is going on at all times. That’s what we do, covering up the asses of these little ones who cannot take care of themselves.” He teased and laughed to himself.

“Hyung! You’re embarrassing us in front of a lady!” Chen quickly retorted.

“Yes, she is a lady. She's a lady hired to make sure all twelve of you do not end up in deep . You know how hwe jang nim Lee Soo Man is very nit-picky about such responsibilities.” He calmly argued which Chen immediately shut up because for one, all that Hyun Kyun said was indeed true. The chairman of the SM Entertainment is very particular about details and responsibilities, he heavily emphasises on attitude (other than about how to gain the most profits possible) and professionalism. That explains how the artistes of SM never fails to perform at their best, how they almost dominate the profits in this industry, and how well-known they are. Ironically, it's due to such high standards being set and how picky the system works in here, that they achieved what they have today. It was all exchanged with sweat and blood.

You took out your newly bought planner and pen, ready to jot down all the things that you needed to know. Somehow, you felt excited about this and you don’t even know why. Maybe, it really feels like you’re EXO’s assistant manager now! Thank God, your planner this year wouldn’t go to waste like how it did for the previous years.

“I’ll just brief you all on this month schedule tonight since it’s getting late already. There isn’t much coming up this month. On January 11, we will have Kyungsoo and Jongin’s birthday party at 2130, 15th will be the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur, on the 18th you might be boarding to Philippines for DKFC this is to be kept in view, will let all of you know when it’s confirmed. Then on the 19th will be the K-POP Fantasy Concert in Manilla and you’ll fly back

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