Chapter 24

My Idol Boyfriend
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You took over your duties as soon as you went back and you thanked Kris for helping you handle some of your work. Jongin and Jongdae were a little displeased with you but they didn't really show it. Some of the other staffs shot you a disdainful look when you walked pass them and greeted them; they were probably affected but the sudden change of schedules due to Kyungsoo's accident. You guessed you were already being marked by the staffs and you would need to be more alert and conscious of what you do if you want to keep your job.

You proceeded to find the four trainees you're in charge of. They were in one of the many identical rooms practicing their vocals in preparation for their assessment coming up in a week's time. You were almost at the door of the room when you heard someone's voice. “Just do as I say!” Someone instructed, her voice a tad too loud to sound amiable.

“That's not a very good idea... What if we get into trouble?” Another voice replied meekly.

“And why should we listen to you? On what grounds do you think you can order us like this? You know it's against the rules!” Argued another. This girl doesn't seem to be someone who can be easily taken advantage of.

You waited for a while before the overbearing girl retorted. “Well, because I am the longest trainee here, that makes me your sunbae if you must say. Plus, I have my connections here, if you don't want to do it, then your stay here will be the last week. Say good bye to your stardom dream.” Na Jeon Sang, you noted to yourself. You know it's her because the information provided to you indicates that she trained the longest amongst the four.

You sense a tight atmosphere going on in there even though you didn't see what the situation is for yourself, judging by what you heard, you knew it would be a difficult task to take care of these four trainees. You knocked on the door and turned the door knob. “Annyeonghasaeyo." You greeted with a warm smile, pretending not to know about their fight. You reckoned this is the best way, or at least not to talk about it in front of the four of them in your first meeting with them. "I'm Hong Ji Yoon, I'll be taking care of all of you." You introduced yourself.

“Oh, annyeonghasaeyo.” A petite girl greeted and bowed earnestly, her face seemed flustered. She must be the timid girl of the victims. “I'm Lee Min Young.” She introduced and you pat her shoulders lightly to ease her anxiety.

“Hi, my name is Kim Jae Yeon.” A girl with short hair greeted. You nodded and smiled, trying to remember their names to their faces.

“Na Jeon Sang.” The longest trained girl said in a rather bored fashion and rolled her eyes as she turned away but you caught that.

“Only the three of you are here?” You asked as you scanned your eyes through the room. There wasn't full attendance.

“Jung Ah is probably lazing away somewhere.” Jeon Sang muttered just loud enough for all of you to hear.

Jae Yeon immediately stood forwards and clarified, “No, that's not it. She is having a stomach upset so she's using the toilet. She told ALL of us just now loud and clear. Apparently, someone must be deaf or trying to sabotage her.”

Jeon Sang cursed under her breath and blew her bangs. “Oh, whatever.”

“I'm sure Jeon Sang was just joking.” You let out an awkward chuckle, trying to keep things under control but she just ignored you. When girls fight and blow things up, you know that will be one hell of a mess. Right then, someone entered - it was Jung Ah.

“Oh, you must be Jung Ah. I heard you're not feeling well. Are you better now?” You rushed over and asked.

“Er... Yeah.” She nodded and looked at you hesitantly.

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