Chapter 16

My Idol Boyfriend
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The both of you went to the logistic store since there wouldn’t be anyone around at this time; most of the staffs are probably off from work. You opened one of the discarded cardboard and set it on the ground. “Come on, Sehun. Sit on this. There aren’t any chairs here and I reckon the floor might be a little dirty. Don’t want to dirty your white pants, do you?” You gave him an encouraging smile and waved your hand over.

“Noona, of all places do you have to bring me here?” Sehun sniffed a little to prevent his snot from coming out after his embarrassing sobbing session.

You looked around and gave him a confused look. “Why? You were crying so badly and you pleaded me to bring you somewhere that no one will be around! I couldn’t bring you out of this building; I’ve to get all of you back to the dorm later, remember? Besides, your fans might stalk you and see your horrid face.” You and chuckled softly.


“Alright, alright.” You held up both your hands. “Do you want a toffee?” You asked while unwrapping the gold paper.

“I don’t eat such sweet-” Before he could protest, you already shoved it in his mouth and you gave him a cheeky grin.

There was a moment of silence and you concluded that you should probably say something to make him feel a tad better if can be seeing his dejected self but you’re not someone who is good at comforting. You know the worse words to say, not the best ones.

“Uhm…” You hesitated. “I’ll pretend I didn’t see you crying just now, I promise.”

“Noona, you’re so horrible with comforting. This isn’t your style.” He laughed lightly and looked away.

You couldn’t help but laugh at yourself either and tried to glare. “Oh Sehun!” And then you burst out loudly before he pressed his palm on against your mouth.

“Opps.” You whispered with widened eyes. “Do you want to tell me what happened then?”


“Heh. It’s okay. I just thought-” You quickly spoke, feeling flustered.

“They quarrelled again.” Sehun muttered under his breath softly, but loud enough for you to hear and you looked at him carefully. “There has been a lot of tension the past month… But it never really blown, it died down after a few rounds of mindless arguments. Perhaps it didn’t really die down, it just brewed slowly and everything finally came down after

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