Chapter 20

My Idol Boyfriend
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“Just what have you done to me, Hong Ji Yoon?”

Your heart raced and your cheeks pinked slightly. You gently smiled, immersing in the bliss of this precious moment. But your face dropped a little with your insecurities crawling back in your heart. The times when you were thrown into a pile of criticism for your physical appearances, the many guys who tried to come close to you after knowing your family background, your one rejection you received and the days you just hid in your room crying and pitying over yourselves overwhelmed you.

You took his hands away from your face, holding them weakly, unsure. “Kyungsoo oppa,” you mumbled, eating your words. He looked at you, slightly surprised, waiting for what you were about to say. You broke into a small chuckle and continued, “It’s very nice of you to not stop me from calling your real name. This assures me I’ve indeed moved to a closer part in your heart.” The corners of his lips twitch into a dazzling smile, he remained silent, patiently waiting for you to continue.

“If this is a confession, I’m sorry, I can’t accept you now. I know you know how much I adore you, how much I like you and maybe I might actually love you a lot. The thing is, I’ve been thinking a lot these few days and I don’t know if I love you the romantic way or my love for you is between a fan and an unreachable idol. And maybe, you don’t really know if you really love me or maybe you just like me, you know? Like, a friend. Maybe when time passes you might realise you don’t love me at all, and maybe I would have already fall so very deep I might not be able to pick myself up.  I’m sorry I’m so confusing. I’m sorry for being so messed up because I don’t believe I’m attractive or amazing, at least not enough to attract a guy like you…” You breathed heavily and looked at his hands that are still in your grip. “Maybe, we could wait awhile longer to know ourselves better and we might actually know what our hearts really feel?”

“Look at me, Ji Yoon.” Kyungsoo said firmly. You meekly raised your head and met his eyes. “That’s fine with me. As long as it helps you believe in yourself, believe that I am in love with you.”

“Hey.” You immediately retorted. “I really want you to think it through so that we won’t waste each other’s time okay? Furthermore, you’re an idol. Thousands of eyes are always on you, waiting to catch juicy news from you. One wrong mistake, your career is at stake.” Your tone turned serious, eyes filled with concern.

“Okay, I promise.” He sighed and ruffled your hair.


That night, was just like any other nights. You were helping Hyun Kyun with the work while the boys were rehearsing their dances and vocals for their long awaited comeback. It was nearing 2 a.m. and everyone was exhausted from their rigorous rehearsals and your eyes are dry from staring at your laptop for so long.

“Aish… I’m so exhausted!” Sehun whines and plopped himself on the ground.

“Yeah, so let’s take a 10 minutes break.” Kris announced and dispersed everyone.

Baekhyun laid flat on the ground, murmuring incoherently, “Can’t we just end our training today already?”

“Your schedule says until 3 am, young man.” Hyun Kyun laughed a little.

“Hang in there! It’s almost over! We can definitely do this.” Joonmyeon encouraged, being the optimistic guy he always is.

Baekhyun blew a raspberry and you chuckled inwardly. “Why don’t I get all of you a cup of coffee from the café at the opposite building?” You suggested, trying to perk them up.

“Really noona?!” Sehun immediately jumped up like a bubble of joy.

“Would that be too inconvenient for you?” Luhan asked.

“Yeah, and it’s already 2 a.m. now.” Minseok added, furrowing his brows.

Sehun quickly run to you and said, “Why don’t I go with you, noona?”

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