Chapter 17

My Idol Boyfriend
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Seonbae nim - Senior


Sehun’s prayers came true as he listened to your advice to solve whatever bad feelings immediately before things turned sour. Even though there were fights involved while resolving their conflicts, but it’s the way men handles such things anyway. The twelve men talked their hearts out and fists were exchanged, but they are back to being brothers after the small ruckus. Just that, they got even closer now. It’s true that things won’t be easy having twelve men spending time together almost all the time. There will be time they get tired of each other, patience running low for their members, especially during hard times. But they know the only way to move forward, is to help each other and push each other on. You’ve briefly informed Hyun Kyun about this incident and he just nodded lightly as if he’d expected it. “Fights and quarrels may not necessarily be an obstacle to keep them from reaching higher, it may as well be a stepping stone – it all depends on how they handle it.” Was what the wise man told you.

It’s been days after the small incident and ever since, they have been working harder and motivating each other to practice for their comeback. Jongin took his break time to help Chanyeol and Junmyeon with their dance while Minseok practices his vocals with the help of Luhan. Baekhyun and Sehun are basically the pivot of motivation and support to their emotional welfare. Kyungsoo makes a point to wake up earlier on alternate days to prepare a good breakfast while following their diet restrictions.

They had been practising from 6 in the morning and it’s now noon. It’s one of those rare days where they do not have schedule for the later half of the day because the practice room is taken by F(X) seonbae nim and SHINee seonbae nim. They took the time to practice their vocals and also play some games to relax their mind. You were having a meeting with Hyun Kyun to plan on EXO’s schedule and calling the respective contacts to arrange for the filming of the music videos and photo-shoot. The results of the discussion over EXO’s previous dancing assessment has been finalised and it’s time to release the results to the boys. You gathered the twelve of them together while Hyun Kyun went to find Mr. Yang to meet all of you.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Jongdae muttered softly under his breath. “Just saying.”

“Gwenchana, whatever their decision is we can pull through this right?” Junmyeon quickly cheered the boys whose faces seemed to have faltered slightly at Jongdae’s comment.

“Yes we can!” Sehun answered firmly and place his hand in the middle. “Come on, let’s believe in us.”

Junmyeon placed his hands on Sehun’s and everyone started following to cheer themselves on.

“EXO saranghaja!”

You clapped enthusiastically upon seeing the scene before you. Your heart warmed as you felt the love and courage that they have and most importantly, the faith they place on their members.

The clicks of the shoes could be heard as their footsteps got nearer by the hallway.

As soon as they entered, the boys quickly stood up and bowed, greeting them.

“I think you all know how you fared as a team the other time.” Mr. Yang spoke straight to the point, just like his style. “Hyun Kyun and Ji Yoon had spoken for all of you a lot but I have to speak the truth because this is my profession, it’s not going to lead to a good outcome if I try to cover you from the management. So please understand where I’m coming from.”

“I’m sure they do,

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