Chapter 7

My Idol Boyfriend
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Sil lye hamnida - Sorry to disturb (when entering)


“Sil lye hamnida!” You bowed and entered the practice room. “I’ve brought all of you a bottle of vitamin water.”

Sehun and Luhan immediately rush over to help you with the bags. “Komawo, it must be tiring for you.” Luhan thanked you with a bright smile.

You quickly waved your hands and denied, “Aniyo, this is my job. It’s not tough at all.”

“Exactly.” Kyungsoo muttered under his breath which only Suho managed to hear him. He gave Kyungsoo a nudge and a disapproving look on his face.

“Alright, alright. Mianhaeyo.” Kyungsoo apologised and went to sit at the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, you were handing out their vitamin drink to them and they sat in a circle on the ground, having their well-deserved break after practising for so long. You noticed Kyungsoo sitting alone at the corner, dazing into the space. You immediately took a bottle of the fruit punch flavoured drink and headed towards him.

“Kyungsoo-sshi, this is yours.” You handed him the bottle.

He hesitated for a while before taking the bottle from you and nodded as a form of appreciation.

“Why don’t you join them over there?” You pointed to the boys who are now laughing and chatting in the circle.

He remained silent and you thought maybe he was sitting alone because he felt uncomfortable with your presence around him. The thought of this made you a little sad but you mentally pat yourself on the back and perk yourself up.

“You can join them actually. I’ve other stuffs to settle. I’ll be at the corner handling my work; I won’t disturb you and the rest.” You gave him an encouraging look before heading to the other side of the room.

After you left, Kyungsoo stood up and went over to sit next to Baekhyun.

“I’m so excited! We’re going to make our comeback in about three to four months!” Baekhyun squealed and pull Kyungsoo closer by the neck and gave him a tight hug.

Chen, the captain of the beagle line, got the contagious excitement from Baekhyun and nodded his head excitedly and said, “Yes!!! It’s been so long! Our

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