Chapter 14

My Idol Boyfriend
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It’s your first day off after getting your job as EXO’s assistant. You have two official off-days a month but you’re usually free to have your own personal time if you do not have any or much work at hand. As long as you still get your job done and do not cause any disturbance to the work or company, your work hours are more or less flexible if EXO is not promoting their albums. On the other side, if you’re needed back urgently for work, you’ve to forgo your break for the company as well. It was all stated clearly in your work contract.

Even though it’s your first official off-day, you were held up with some admin matters by Hyun Kyun and could only leave at noon. After a hectic morning, you’ve finally tied up all loose ends, all set for your break with your mind at ease. You’ve decided to have a catch-up session with your best friend, no I mean your ‘sister’, Bo Yun. It’s been almost a month since you’ve last seen her. Even though the both of you messages and calls on a frequent basis, it couldn’t be compared to be physically next to her, cuddling on her arms and laughing at silly jokes together. You missed her terribly. You grabbed your handbag and staff card, ready to rush off to meet her, but a thought crept into your mind. With a swift of motion, you took out your phone to message her.

To: Bomm Bomm

From: Ji Yoon

My yepeun Bomm, u told me the other time ur bias is Sehun. U’ve not changed right? ^^ I missed u soooooo muchie. Same café right? See u soon~~~

You wanted to get Bo Yun her favourite idol’s signature since it was such an easy feat for you right now. You imagined how hilarious her grinning face would have been when you handed her the precious signatures or she might actually just give you a look and refused to believe that is not a fake. You chuckled softly to yourself and thanked God nobody was here to witness your silly moment.

Within seconds, Bo Yun had sent in her reply.

To: My Yoonie

From: Bo Yun

Yoonie ah :D yesyes, he is still my bias but recently yixing is wrecking my mind huhu~~~ T^T r u getting me merchandise agn yonnie? ;) yes, see u soon! The later one pays aight!

You giggled to your phone and shove it in your pocket. She knows you'll always be the later one. You stealthily moved to the basement and tiptoed in the practice room. Luckily, they had just ended one round of practice. Taking out a small pink card and black marker, you moved towards Sehun with a suspicious smile hanging on your face.

“Sehun-ah.” Your voice was oddly gentle towards the maknae.

Sehun crooked his neck lower to your face and eyed you intently. “What is it that you need, Noona? Isn’t it your off day today?”

“I’m meeting my best friend later and she’s a big fan of you… I was wondering if you can sign for her on this card and write a simple message for her as a gift.” You meekly answered and bit your lower lip.

“Geez. I thought you wanted to ask me out or something. Sure, that’s an easy thing to do. What’s her name?” Sehun cooly took over the marker and card to sign suavely.

“Bo Yun.” You quickly told him.

“Thank you so much our maknae. Bo Yun will definitely be overjoyed! See you tonight!” You squealed with glistened eyes, your voice came out higher than you expected. You then headed to Yixing and asked for his signature as well.

“Don’t stray out too late at night, it is dangerous for two pretty girls roaming in the city streets.” Yixing reminded you gently, sugar coating his words with his dimple smile.

The bus arrived a little later than usual and as always, you’re the later one. The moment you entered the café, Bo Yun jumped up from her seat like an excited little girl.

“Bo Yun!”

“Ji Yoon!” The both of you squealed and hugged each other tightly. “I’ve never gotten the time to thank you enough for helping me to take my shift during the new year season.”

“It’s alright. I want to thank you for that instead.” You winked in which Bo Yun was confused but just shrugged.

You went to get your usual iced mocha and ordered two big family packets of their house speciality’s coffee – one for the twelve precious ones and the other to leave it at the lounge so that the other staffs can drink it as well (since they have a coffe maker in the lounge). When the both of you settled down after getting your beverage, you handed her the pink cards with a smug look on your face. “Who can be more awesome than me?”

“What the- Oh my God, Ji Yoon! Tell me this is a fake one!” Her eyes were fixated on the two cards that her trembling hands were holding on to. “You imitated well didn’t you? Forgery!” She was breathing hard and her entire body shook. It would be an unsightly sight, but she understood the emotions Bo Yun is feeling because she is a fangirl like her as well.

“It’s real, Bomm. It’s not an imitation! I got it from them personally!” You said in a hushed voice and your eyes darted to make sure no one was listening.

Bo Yun grabbed your hands tightly with her clammy palm, her eyes widened in confusion. “How? This is insane!”

“Bomm, I’m working as EXO’s assistant!” Your voice hitched up a little over a whisper. “This is a secret, okay?”

“Oh my God oh my God oh my God!” She rolled her eyes; unable to comprehend the ridiculous news she was told. “Tell me, is this a secret camera mission or something?”

“For the last time, I’m not kidding.” You whispered as you showed her your staff card.

“Ji Yoon, I don’t know whether to feel happy or to hate you. I just can’t-”

You giggled at her reaction, exactly like you’d expected. You went on to tell her how all the turns of events which got you into this great opportunity and how you’ve been doing. All the while, Bo Yun was completely fascinated and was s

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