My Hero (Discontinued)


Lee Jaeki is not an ordinary 16-year-old. Having just made her debut as a singer in South Korea, she is already getting huge amounts of attention. This is mainly due to her young age as well as her innocent, girl-next-door looks. However, just a few months after her debut, rumours start spreading around. These rumours could kill both her career, as well as something else very precious to her. She must learn that the entertainment world is a harsh one, and the media was ruthless. In order to survive, she must be strong. Although, having someone to lean on during the really tough times does help as well ;)


Hey! :) I'm not good with forwards so.... hehe well this is my third fic, and my first one about Jaejoong~ lol I'm not sure if this is even gonna be any good... It might be a little draggy at times, but I would really appreciate it if anyone reads this! Also, feedback is always welcome, just so I know how i can improve!:) Oh yeah, and in this fic, DBSK never had the whole lawsuit thing.... so.... yeah.... And also, I probably won't be able to really work on this until November, because my exams are starting next week, but I really want to do this, which is why I'll be posting the first chapter or two:) Because if I post them then I'll definitely continue:p


Also, I don't own any of the celebrities here. I own everything (the plot, the words, the OCs) EXCEPT the celebrities. Please don't plagerise, it doesn't do any good to anyone.


Oh yeah, all the characters other than Jaejoong and Jaeki are minor characters~^^


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krystalkyy #1
Chapter 21: So sad that you haven't been updating for 5 years :(
serenity2012 #2
Chapter 20: Are you going to update soon?
Chapter 15: omo! hahah kai got that right
Chapter 9: good one teukie! hahaha new reader here! :)
HiLoHappiness #5
Chapter 7: ohh, he's definitely jealous at leeteuk.. haha..
gosh, i cant imagine if he whispered the last sentence in this chapter, right to my ears..
Oh, that was fast lol :D So it looks like Jaejoong actually likes her? And she likes him? That kind of explain the picture in the phone :D
minjee4236 #7
New subscriber!!! I really like your story so far :D
Update soon I really want to know what happen next!!! ^^
Chapter 1: That was good :D I was giggling the whole time with Ho Dong and Seunggi haha :D But there is one thing confusing me. In the beginning you wrote that you share the stage with 2 members of DBSK while in the end they say it's 3 of them in the programme, so one of them didn't dance of something? :D Anyway, I'm looking forward to this story, hope you won't change your style of writing because this is good for me, or maybe you could describe a little more the surroundings and what's happening. But well, I hope you will find more time to write it, I don't know if I can wait till your exams will be over XD