I Love You, and I Always Will


What happens when the nicest teacher in Jaewon's school just happens to be insanely gorgeous and fresh out of university? What if she has a crush on him? Will her affections be reciprocated?



All 1800 students of the elite, privately run boarding school fell silent as the Headmaster introduced the new English teacher.


"Pshhhh it's just a new teacher, not like that's very interesting", the boy next to me muttered under his breath.


I, like the rest of the school population, was too busy gazing in awe at the young man next to the Headmaster to notice what my classmate had said.


That young man was Kim Kibum. He was tall and slim, with a perfectly proportioned body. He was also very young, only 23. Those taught by him would later learn that he'd skipped a grade in highschool, which was why he was a year ahead of others his age.


"Good morning. My name is Mr Kim Kibum and this is my first teaching post so please go easy on me. I look forward to teaching at such a prestigious school", he said into the mic, with a voice that could make even the toughest soldier go weak in the knees.


I could hardly believe it. This man, Mr Kim, was practically perfection incarnate. He did not look anything like a teacher. He looked more like a model.


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1say16 #1
Chapter 2: i love this cause it's not
Aneziente #2
Aww tht was sweet, makes u wish all impossible love stories came true in this way hehehhe oh well we fangirls can only wish hehehehe thanks for this story ;)
Nice story! Key is so cute~ (Omo, I want to have a teacher like him *___* But it's impossible T_T)<br />