In which Yunjae are always hiding because Jaejoong thinks it's the best way to protect Yunho, but Yunho is sick of it.


(Yes I know this isn't a foreword)

Welllllllll I have serious issues with writer's block right now. I have NO IDEA what to write for My Hero:/ Anyway, I've just written this whole thing out, it's three chapters, which (because I'm evil :p) I will be posting today, tomorrow and Friday:) 

This is kinda....... dark...... I guess...... uh..... character death and all that.... I normally hate character death, so I don't even know why I wrote it, but I don't think it's the depressing kind haha if that makes sense?

Also, I find this really cool haha but total word count is 1000 words exactly :D Yeah I know, it's really short:p


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Chapter 3: Ooohhh....i understand yunho...actually im impress about your concept.
Its quite sad that yunho just gave up like that
They should at least talk to each other what to do...but either way this is very realistic
Its short but i love it :-D
Chapter 3: b-b-b-but... now you made me sad....*pouts*
Chapter 3: Actually I don't really understand. Yunho kill JaeJae or wat?
Kinda sad and sweet in a twisted way. In other words I like it^^
Chapter 3: I think my soul just died a bit more T^T
gloriosa #6
It's interesting..update more^^..