Chapter One

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion 

9AM   I was reading book in my room while listening to classic song. When oppa knock the door. "Luna?" asked oppa. "yes oppa?" I answered. " I had someone to meet you. Come downstairs with me" said oppa. I just nodded, close the book and followed him.   When we arrived I saw a 19 years old girl sitting in the sofa. When she saw us, she stand up and smiled. Somehow, I had bad feelings about her. "hello, you're must be Luna" she greeted me. "yes I am. And you are?" I replied. "I'm Im Nara. Call me Nara oennie" "okay oennie" I replied with an awkward tone. "okay, before we continue chatting. Let's sit first." oppa interrupted us.   Oppa was about to sit beside me, but somehow he moved to Nara oennie's side. "so, Luna. The reason I introduced you to Nara was because I want you to meet my girlfriend" oppa smiled.  I was dumbfounded, I know someday oppa will had a girlfriend. But I don't think it's someone "like" Nara oennie. But, like it or not, she's his choice. And with my two years left, someone has to be by his side when I left him. So I just smiled, even tough it's a bit fake.   "that's great oppa! I'm glad you'll not be alone when I'm gone" I smiled. "Luna, please. Not that topic" oppa said. "sorry, for interrupting. But, you're leaving Luna?" asked Nara oennie. "yes oennie. I'll be leaving this world in two years" I smiled bitterly. "what are you talking about?" oennie asked again. "you didn't tell her about me oppa?" I asked oppa. "it's not a good topic to talk about" oppa replied. "still, she's the one who gonna take care of you when I'm gone. Since oppa doesn't want to tell oennie. I'll tell her myself" I said. "well oennie. I'm sick. I had brain cancer. And doctor said that I only had two years left to l
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