Chapter Thirteen

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion 6.45PM   "Jung Soo oppa!" Eun Mi yelled. I just realize, that i just slapped my own sister. I could see Luna's teary eyes, when i was about to apologize, Eun Mi bring Luna out of the dining room.   "Aergh! Eun Mi oennie. My head hurt so bad" i heard Luna said before i heard Eun Mi panicked while calling my name. I immediately ran out of the dining room leaving Nara alone.   When i just came out, i saw the most horrible scene in my life, Luna passed out on the floor with Eun Mi panicked beside her trying to wake her up. Eun Sung is nowhere to be found. I think he's looking for help.   "What happened to her?!" i asked Eun Mi. Crap, this is all my fault. My eyes became teary, "I don't know oppa" Eun Mi replied while crying. "Let's bring her to my car, let's go to the hospital" i carried Luna bridal style.   When we reached the front door, the car was ready with Eun Sung beside it. I saw Nara looked relaxed? Why did she looked so relax? "Nara? Don't you come with us?" i asked. "No, it's too late" she replied.  I got a little bit disappotined, but now all i care is Luna. Then i ran to the car and carefully put Luna in with the help of Eun Sung.   ....   Hospital 11 PM   It's been hours and Luna haven't came out yet. And its been hours me snd Eun Mi been crying while hugging each other. Then The door opened, and the doctor came out.   "Your sister just had to much pressured on her head. In other words she got a li
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