Chapter Five

Bride For Oppa
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Luna's Room

9AM   Kekeke,, why oppa didn't said it before? I would had just go to Eun Mi oennie's cafe earlier. I am so in a good mood today :D   Wait! I haven't told Eun Sung oppa about my plan, yet. I need to see him today. So I just call him, after a few rings I heard a sleepy voice of Eun Sung oppa. "hello?" "Eun Sung oppa! Did you just woke up? Don't you know what time is it?" "sorry, last night noona got home earlier but she cried so hard. As a good brother, I comforted her" I don't know Eun Mi oennie will cry after she met oppa/: "oppa! We need to talk!" "speak!" " not on the phone! Let's meet somewhere" "where?" "cafe near the Hospital. 11AM" "okay. See you there" yes! Aergh, somehow I felt bad for oennie. Bad oppa! I'll scold him later! Please remind me.   ....   Cafe 11AM   "Eun Sung oppa!" I waved my hand when I saw Eun Sung oppa opened the door. "Luna! What's up?" "let's order drink first. Wait! I'll choose the drink for both of us okay?" I give my puppy eyes. "fine" yes!  I know no one can resist my puppy eyes! ^^v   "I want one ice green tea and one ice chocolate for him" I said to the waiter.   "so, what do you wanna talk about?" asked Eun Sung oppa. "let's just wait for the drink to come" I replied. I know oppa will be mad about what I wanna say, that's why I ordered ice chocolate for him. I heard that chocolate can deaden anger. Then we went silent looking at the busy street of Seoul.   Af
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