Chapter Eight

Bride For Oppa
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PS: this chapter will be Leeteuk's part of view, with a little Eun Mi's. And Luna maybe?

  Amusement Park 8.40AM   So, here I am. Waiting for my beloved sister and her friend with Eun Mi. Aergh, god knows how much I missed her. I'm feeling like hugging her now. But, I don't wanna make her runaway. Control yourself Park Jung Soo! Fighting!   Where's my sister?! It's been a while and she's not coming back. Moreover I'm just standing here awkwardly with Eun Mi. We're like on a awkward blind date or something. If Lu-- wait, my phone rang. It's Luna's special ringtone. You know, just in case something happen. She texted me   Oppa, me and Eun Sung oppa found this interesting game, but the line is so looooong. So, just have fun with oennie first. Let's meet at lunch or when we finished here - Luna   I smell something fishy in here, I tried to call her but her phone turned off? Maybe I should call her friend, who's he again? Eunhyuk? Sungmin? Eun.. Sung? Yep! Eun Sung. But wait, I don't have his number. I think I have no other way.   "hmm.. Eun Mi-ah" I called Eun Mi. "yes Jungsoo- sshi?" why so formal? ㅠ^ㅠ but, at least she called me Jungsoo. I only let Luna and Eun Mi that call me my real name. "I got a text from Luna, she said she's going somewhere with your brother. I was wondering, maybe you can call your brother just to confirm it?" "sure" she said and smile! That smile, I miss it so much. Then she made a call, "wierd, it said that his phone is turned off" she said. I know there's something fishy! And I know who's the brain of this. She's gonna get a reward later. "hmm, Eun Mi-ah. I think you should see the whole message" I said and give her my phone. She took my phone and our hands touched. Her hand still so soft. After she read the message she nodded, then my phone rang. "hmm, Leeteuk-sshi. Someone named Nara texted you" Eun Mi said while giving me back my phone. Her face not looked so happy anymore. Crap, wrong timing. I saw the message and her first word is "babe" I think that's my she's not so happy. I'm glad if she's jealous ;)   Babe, I came to your office and your secretary said that you're not going to work. I came to your house and the maid said that you're out with Luna. Where are you? - Nara   So, I texted her back.   Yes, I'm taking a break right now. Kinda s little bit stressed with work. I'm having a brother-sister time right now. So I hope you understand - Leeteuk   Less than a minute Nara texted back   But babe, I'm feeling to go shopping. Or having brunch at hotel ): - Nara   I sighed, I decided to call her. "Eun Mi-ah I'm going to make a quick call" I said then walk a few meters farther so Eun Mi won't hear my conversation with Nara. ..   Eun Mi's Part of View   When Jungsoo oppa gave me his phone to show me Luna's message, someone named Nara texted him. The first word is "babe" that's his girlfriend I guess? Now he's texting with his girlfriend.   After a while, "Eun Mi-ah I'm going to make a quick call" Jungsoo oppa said. Then he walked farther from me. After about 5 minutes, he came back with a smile? I'm glad that he found someone that can make him smile. Wait, is this Nara is the girl that I met few years ago? I'm glad that their relationship still strong. Am I jealous? No!> "let's go" he said and took my hand. I kinda blushed. Because.. Never mind. ..   Leeteuk's Part of View   Finally I can make Nara stop coming here. I mean, I didn't tell her where I am. If she knows, I believe she will came here in no time. So I came back to Eun Mi with a smile. "let's go" I said and took her hand. It feel so right and wrong at the same time><" right because I missed her so much. And wrong because I have Nara already.   We stopped in front of the roller coaster. And take a queue. High School flashback came to my mind. At that time, Eun Mi is a cute innocent girl. And now she grows up to be a woman. When our turn came I hold Eun Mi's hand I still remember how scared she is. Well, that's part of my plan(; because I know she can't/don't say anything to deny me. I guess she still remember High School then. Whe
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Angel9 #1
Chapter 24: It made my cry
the last part about her sitting on the white sand and the feeling that she have that her time is now
this story remind me of a best friend i had who died she was just like her she wanted to find a girlfriend for her brother so he wasn't alone when she died and she did it
i was there with her when she died she died in my arms with her brother and his girlfriend next to him she died on cancer i will never forget that day when she smiled at me and sad i told it i could do it make sure they are happy and they will love eachter and i never broke that promise to her
Chapter 24: I love this fanfic XD
well,I'm hungry when I see mi ayam and bakso photos >.<
avaclaire #3
Chapter 24: it's beautiful. the fact that luna didn't think about her romance just shows us that she only cared about her brother and other people in her life. great story. good job author-nim~
Meridian #4
Chapter 24: Sad, sweet, and i cry harder now. Thanks for d great ff author nim.
sweet <3 <3
Chapter 24: Okay...I cry...It's so beautiful..the love that Luna have for his oppa is truly amazing..
and sorry, I've not commenting for a while,cause the story is too beautiful to be commented...
Thank you...for this lovely story..
chapmansquare #7
Meridian #8
Chapter 21: Sweet chapter. :)
blazensaddles #9
Chapter 20: Aw they got back together and stuff :D