Bride For Oppa

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Hello, my name is Luna. Park Luna. I'm 17 years old. My parents didn't died or survive, they went missing on a plane accident when I was 12 years old. Leaving me and my 23 years old brother alone in this rude world. Park Jung Soo, or he referred to be called Leeteuk, is my brother, the only family I have in this world.

After the accident, me and my brother were sent to two different orphanage. Why? Because I had brain cancer, so I was sent to orphanage for sick person and my brother sent to ordinary orphanage. He visit me once or twice a week.

My brother promised me, that he will get both of us out from orphanage. And he did, after he work really hard. He graduated bussiness school in Holland on age 20. As soon as he got back to Korea, he started his bussiness. Just 6 months after he start his bussiness, he did convinced the court that he can take care of me. With condition I have go to a special hospital that the court has prepared for me.

Now, I live with my brother. In a big house that people's called mansion. My brother now become one of the richest people in Korea. But what I proud of my brother is, Even tough he's rich, he's not arrogant. Not like any other rich people on his age that love to scatter his money for girls or go to club. Instead if he had spare time, he will hangout with me.

We were happy, until one month ago. When we go to hospital, the doctor said that I only had 2 years or less to life. And two weeks ago, he brought  a girl named Im Nara. I don't know why, but I had bad feelings about her. So, in my 2 years life I have, I had one mission. Looking a Bride for Oppa.


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Angel9 #1
Chapter 24: It made my cry
the last part about her sitting on the white sand and the feeling that she have that her time is now
this story remind me of a best friend i had who died she was just like her she wanted to find a girlfriend for her brother so he wasn't alone when she died and she did it
i was there with her when she died she died in my arms with her brother and his girlfriend next to him she died on cancer i will never forget that day when she smiled at me and sad i told it i could do it make sure they are happy and they will love eachter and i never broke that promise to her
Chapter 24: I love this fanfic XD
well,I'm hungry when I see mi ayam and bakso photos >.<
avaclaire #3
Chapter 24: it's beautiful. the fact that luna didn't think about her romance just shows us that she only cared about her brother and other people in her life. great story. good job author-nim~
Meridian #4
Chapter 24: Sad, sweet, and i cry harder now. Thanks for d great ff author nim.
sweet <3 <3
Chapter 24: Okay...I cry...It's so beautiful..the love that Luna have for his oppa is truly amazing..
and sorry, I've not commenting for a while,cause the story is too beautiful to be commented...
Thank you...for this lovely story..
chapmansquare #7
Meridian #8
Chapter 21: Sweet chapter. :)
blazensaddles #9
Chapter 20: Aw they got back together and stuff :D