Chapter Fourteen

Bride For Oppa
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Nara's Apartment

5PM   I came home early today, because i'm planning to visit Luna of course. But before visiting Luna i'm going to take Nara with me. Until now, she never visit Luna even once.   I knock one the door, but she hasn't open it. I remembered Nara told me her Apartment code. "Nara?" i called her but she's not replying. I remembered Nara said she will be home today. When i closed the door, i heard weird sounds. It sounds like moans.   When i came to her living i saw something that made me regret for not listening to Luna. Nara, on her sofa, making out with a guy. Not even realising her door had been opened nor i was here.   "Nara?" I called her. She froze immediately. "Leeteuk oppa.." She called me. "How stupid am i?" i mumbled. "How long you've been lying to me?" i asked her. "Oppa.." She tried to hold my hand. But i avoid her hand. "Oppa.. Please, let me explain" She said.   "Honey, is he your brother?" Her 'friend' interrupted us. "No, i was her boyfriend" i said. I can see Nara's shocked face. "When did you broke up?" this guy😒 "Just now" i said and smile. "Bye Nara.." i said and left them dumbfounded.   Half of me felt relieved because now i know the real Nara and half me felt really angry for not believe in Luna and i even slapped her! I really need something to make me relax from this.   ....   Eun Mi's part of view   Hospital 11PM   It's been three weeks Luna in coma, i sleep here once in e
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