Chapter Eighteen

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion 

8.15AM      "Oemma? Appa?" I heard Teukkie oppa mumbled  "Oemma! Appa!" I yelled then hugged my mom. I miss them so much! "Come in" I continued.    ....    Now we're sitting on the sofa, Eun Mi oennie sitting nervously beside Teukkie oppa.  "Oemma, Appa, where've you been?" I ask while hugging Oemma.  "Long story darling" Oemma said.  "The most important thing is, I'm so proud you son" Appa said.    Leeteuk oppa smile, "It's all thanks to Luna, she gave me the motivation to be like this" "About that" I said. All eyes are on me.  "What is it honey?" Oemma asked.  "I only has 1 year and a half to life" I said.    "What?!" Oemma asked I saw oemma's eyes started to watery. "No, don't take my baby" Oemma started to cry and hug me tighter.  Oppa approach us and hug Oemma too.  "Darling, remember your blood pressure" Appa said.  Oemma close her eyes and take a deep breath. "I have to be strong for my baby" oemma smiled at me.  I smiled back.    After some time,  "And who is this young lady?" Appa smiled at Eun Mi oennie.  Oppa move back to oenni's side, took her hand and said. "Appa, Oemma. I want to introduce you my first love and girlfriend, Lee Eun Mi" oppa said and I saw Eun Mi oennie blush.  "Hello. My name is Lee Eun Mi, I'm 21 years old and currently studying in medical school and working part time job at Luna's Hospital" then Eun Mi oennie bow at my parents.    "Omo.. What a nice young lady" oemma said and smile.  "Oemma, do you know that Eun Mi oennie live with us" I said.  "What do you mean princess?" Appa asked.  "After I know that oennie and oppa are official, I begged oe
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