Chapter Twenty Four

Bride For Oppa
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----One year and a half later----           Luna's POV        Beach House  8AM    The sound of wave filled my ear. How peaceful the sound of the sea in the morning. Hello, you remember me right? I'm Park Luna, Park Jungsoo a.k.a Park Leeteuk's little sister.    This past one and a half year is really memorable for me.  Like the day when oppa introduce me to Nara oennie..    When we arrived I saw a 19 years old girl sitting in the sofa. When she saw us, she stand up and smiled.  Somehow, I had bad feelings about her. "hello, you're must be Luna" she greeted me.  "yes I am. And you are?" I replied.  "I'm Im Nara. Call me Nara oennie"  "okay oennie" I replied with an awkward tone.  "okay, before we continue chatting. Let's sit first." oppa interrupted us.      Oppa was about to sit beside me, but somehow he moved to Nara oennie's side.  "so, Luna. The reason I introduced you to Nara was because I want you to meet my girlfriend" oppa smiled.   I was dumbfounded, I know someday oppa will had a girlfriend. But I don't think it's someone "like" Nara oennie.  But, like it or not, she's his choice. And with my two years left, someone has to be by his side when I left him. So I just smiled, even tough it's a bit fake.      "that's great oppa! I'm glad you'll not be alone when I'm gone" I smiled.  "Luna, please. Not that topic" oppa said.  "sorry, for interrupting. But, you're leaving Luna?" asked Nara oennie.  "yes oennie. I'll be leaving this world in two years" I smiled bitterly.  "what are you talking about?" oennie asked again.  "you didn't tell her about me oppa?" I asked oppa.  "it's not a good topic to talk about" oppa replied.  "still, she's the one who gonna take care of you when I'm gone. Since oppa doesn't want to tell oennie. I'll tell her myself" I said. "well oennie. I'm sick. I had brain cancer. And doctor said that I only had two years left to life. So, please take care of my oppa well" I bowed a little. And I swear I saw her smile a little, or even smirk? I'm not sure.      "of course. I'll take good care of him" oennie hugged oppa's hand.      The day I met Eun Sung oppa and Eun Mi oennie..    My thought was broke because my phone rang, it's oppa calling "hello?"  "Luna, oppa so sorry. Can you wait for two or more hours? I had emergency meeting. I promise we'll eat dinner at everywhere you want" oppa said without letting me to talk. I thought oppa will talk again, so I just keep silent. "Luna? You're there right? Nothing happened, right?!"  Okay, it's my time to talk. And oppa started being panicking brother again-_- "oppa, I'm okay. Yes, I'll wait oppa"  "okay, oppa love you. Bye!"  "bye oppa~"      Okay, how can I kill two hours alone? I don't think I can hangout with the nurses. They're too busy. I think I just will play randomly with my phone then.  After about 15 minutes play with my phone, I'm starting to get bored. I hope someone just randomly come and start talk to me.  And God granted my wish, a guy look so cute approaching me. Don't get me wrong, what I mean cute was like aegyo cute, not handsome cute. He's handsome, but, aergh, you understand me, right? Please say yes><"!!      "hello, my name is Lee Eun Sung" he greeted me.   After we exchanged number,  a beautiful lady walking to our direction. I think she's Eun Sung oppa's noona.  She's like Eun Sung oppa girl version.  "hi Eun Sung. Are you waiting too long?" she said.  "no noona. I got a friend noona" told ya, he look like he just did aegyo. But I don't think he realize it.  "oh my god, my cute brother" Eun Sung oppa's noona pinched his cheek. "and when you'll introduce me to her?" Eun Sung oppa's noona smiled at me.  "I was about to do it until you pinched my cheek noona" Eun Sung oppa pouted.       "noona, this is Luna. Luna, this is my Eun Mi noona"  "hello Eun Mi oennie" I bowed. "I hope you don't mind I called you oennie"  "not at all" she smiled sweetly, somehow i remember Nara oennie's smile/smirk. And can't help to compared how different their smiles are.     The day when Jungsoo oppa and Eun Mi oennie meet again..    "welcome to Rainbow Cafe. May I take your order?" said Eun Mi oennie. I think she don't know oppa or didn't realize it's me yet.  "oh Eun Mi oennie! You work here?" half lie, because I don't know where she work. Well, at least until one hour ago.  "hi Luna. How's your therapy?" Eun Mi oennie asked. Great! Just like I planned it! "great oennie. I had so much fun^^" then oppa cleared his throat. Hihi^^  "oh! Sorry. Eun Mi oennie, this is my oppa, Leeteuk oppa. The one that I told you this afternoon. And Leeteuk oppa, this is Eun Mi oennie, Eun Sung oppa's noona"  But, surprisingly BOTH their reaction were silent. "hmm.. Oppa? Oennie?"  "Jung Soo.."  I heard Eun Mi oennie mumbled.  "Eun Mi-ah" oppa look like just found his long lost love.     The day went the four of us going to Amusement Park..    After oppa lock the car I drag oppa(again) to the front gate. After few minutes searching, finally I found Eun Sung oppa.  "Eun Sung oppa? Eun Min oennie? What are you doing here?" I asked 'innocently'. I could see Leeteuk oppa can't stop looking at oennie, I know oppa, oennie is soooo pretty. And Eun Mi oennie tried her best to avoid oppa's eyes.  "Luna!" Eun Sung oppa hugged me and play along. I could feel Leeteuk oppa boiled inside. Tsk tsk, this overprotective brother. "noona having a break, so we thought we could have some fun here!" answered Eun Sung oppa.  "really? That's great then! Let's go together! It will be more fun! Right oppa? Oennie?" I asked them with my puppy eyes hihi [;  "I don't know.. If its okay with Eun Mi-sshi" oppa scratch the back of his head. So, I turned to Eun Mi oennie. After a while, "I think that won't harm anyone, right?" YES! Me and Eun Sung oppa secretly high five.      Let's the plan, began.. "oppa! Hurry! Buy the ticket!" I said pushed oppa to the ticket counter.  "oh, noona should follow too" nice one Eun Sung oppa!  While Eun Sung oppa and Eun Mi oppa went to buy tickets, me and Eun Sung oppa make more plans.      After 15 minutes, oppa and oennie finally came. Then we enter the amusement park. "oppa! I need to go to the restroom" I said. "me too!" Eun Sung oppa said. Then before they say anything, we left them.   Leeteuk's POV    "hmm.. Eun Mi-ah" I called Eun Mi.  "yes Jungsoo- sshi?" why so formal? ㅠ-ㅠ but, at least she called me Jungsoo. I only let Luna and Eun Mi that call me my real name.  "I got a text from Luna, she said she's going somewhere with your brother. I was wondering, maybe you can call your brother just to confirm it?"  "sure" she said and smile! That smile, I miss it so much. Then she made a call,  "wierd, it said that his phone is turned off" she said.  I know there's something fishy! And I know who's the brain of this. She's gonna get a reward later.  "hmm, Eun Mi-ah. I think you should see the whole message" I said and give her my phone. She took my phone and our hands touched. Her hand still so soft.   We stopped in front of the roller coaster. And take a queue. High School flashback came to my mind. At that time, Eun Mi is a cute innocent girl. And now she grows up to be a woman. When our turn came I hold Eun Mi's hand I still remember how scared she is. Well, that's part of my plan(; because I know she can't/don't say anything to deny me. I guess she still remember High School then.  When the roller coaster start, she hold my hand tightly. YES! My plan worked!  And on the whole ride she scream. Yet I still found it cute. When the ride over I pinched her chubby cheek.      We're walking to another ride. "what was that for Leeteuk-sshi?" Eun Mi asked holding her cheek that I pinched earlier"  "before I answered your question, can you call me Jungsoo oppa again?" She think for a while "okay Lee-- Jungsoo op-oppa" cute! I pinched her other cheek.  "so, what was that for? The pinching my cheek thing?" she asked.  "I don't know, you look so cute" I answered. I swear I saw her blushed! Then she just walk away.   "can you win me that doll oppa?" Eun Mi said, pointing at the doll row. "which one?" I asked.  "the male duck. I had the female one at home. I guess it's a couple doll" she said not realizing what she said.  I remember won that female duck. And I'm glad she still keep it. (:  "oppa? Can you?" Eun Mi broke my thought.  "huh? Sure" I said.      I didn't won on the first attempt. But for Eun Mi I'm not gonna give up. Fighting! Wish me luck><"      After about six times trying, finally I won! And Eun Mi got her doll! I'm glad I'm the one who got both doll for her.  She looks like a kid who just got a candy.  "you're such a cute couple. You must be love her so much until you wanna try until six times. It reminds me of me and my wife young time. I hope both of you can marry sometimes" ajusshi said.  "I'm sorry ajusshi. But--" I put my hand around Eun Mi and cut her "thank you so much ajusshi" I smiled.      I know Eun Mi was about to say something, so I kiss her.     The day when the four of us have dinner..    "Okay, let's start the dinner" Oennie said.  Just then, i heard the main door opened. Perfect! "Just wait a minute oennie. I think oppa just arrived" I said.      "Oppa!" I greet oppa happily.  "Aww~ what a cute sister i have" Oppa pinch
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Chapter 24: It made my cry
the last part about her sitting on the white sand and the feeling that she have that her time is now
this story remind me of a best friend i had who died she was just like her she wanted to find a girlfriend for her brother so he wasn't alone when she died and she did it
i was there with her when she died she died in my arms with her brother and his girlfriend next to him she died on cancer i will never forget that day when she smiled at me and sad i told it i could do it make sure they are happy and they will love eachter and i never broke that promise to her
Chapter 24: I love this fanfic XD
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avaclaire #3
Chapter 24: it's beautiful. the fact that luna didn't think about her romance just shows us that she only cared about her brother and other people in her life. great story. good job author-nim~
Meridian #4
Chapter 24: Sad, sweet, and i cry harder now. Thanks for d great ff author nim.
sweet <3 <3
Chapter 24: Okay...I cry...It's so beautiful..the love that Luna have for his oppa is truly amazing..
and sorry, I've not commenting for a while,cause the story is too beautiful to be commented...
Thank you...for this lovely story..
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