Chapter Four

Bride For Oppa
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5.30PM   Now I'm waiting for oppa. He said he gonna pick me up today. After waiting for few more minutes, oppa finally arrived. "sorry, traffic" oppa said when I opened the door.    "its okay oppa" I replied. "so, how's your day with Nara?" asked oppa. Horrible! "fine.." I'm a good sister, I don't want to disappoint him. Well, at least now. "really? Just fine?" what do you want me to say oppa? That your girlfriend just made you sister spend almost one million dollar just for her? "what do you expect me to say oppa?" " a lot" "huh?" "do you think don't coordinate your credit card?" ask your girlfriend. "you must be spending a lot of fun shopping together"  "yeah right" I rolled my eyes. "let's have some dinner before going home!" I have a perfect plan. "okay, where? Let's just eat fast food, then we go to cafe for dessert" "sounds good to me" oppa replied. Yes! I just need to text Eun Sung oppa.   Luna : Eun Sung oppa! Eun Sung : yes?? Luna : I'm thinking to go cafe where Eun Mi oennie work. Can you give the address? Then, Eun Sung oppa give me the address.   ....   Cafe 7PM   After we ate burgers, we went to Cafe where Eun Mi oennie work. It called Rainbow Cafe. I'm so excited!   "nice cafe" oppa said when we arrived. Then, we seat next to the window. "welcome to Rainbow Cafe. May I take your order?" said Eun Mi oennie. I think she don't know oppa or didn't realize it's me yet. "oh Eun Mi oennie!
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