Chapter Twenty One

Bride For Oppa
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Wedding Reception 

7PM    I'm so excited! Now Eun Mi oennie is officially my sister-in-law! After the wedding ceremony, Oppa and Oennie had a small party for our family on the church garden. Well, Eun Mi oennie's family. Since my family is just the four of us.    It was really fun. Eun Sung oppa has a cousin named Tae Ho oppa, that looks exactly like Eun Sung oppa. At first I thought that Eun Sung oppa has a twin! And there's another cousin that really handsome, named Taemo oppa😍 he said my dress is really nice😝 thanks to Eun Mi oennie, she choose the dress     And you know what? Taemo oppa is a really friendly guy😊 i just wish I had longer time to live. But wait, he's a family. Aaeerrgghh forget it Luna.    Enough with the family party, now we're at the wedding reception. It's for Oppa's bussiness partner and some celebreties. But the wedding just about to start. We're waiting for the couple to arrived.      SM Entertaiment's chairman, Lee Soo Man. Is one of oppa's bussiness partner, so he kindly offered the SM artists to sing at oppa's wedding. Gladly, oppa told me before he mad the decision. And of course as an ELF, I said YES.    When I saw the Super Junios members arrived one by one, I was so excited. Hundred times I hold myself to not being a crazy fangirl. But, being the groom's sister, of course they aproach me to congratulate for my brother's wedding.    Thank you so much oppa! I love you!😘    Then, the hall door opened, revealing the newly wed couple. The paparazzi began busy to taking pictures of Leeteuk oppa and Eun Mi oennie. Eun Mi oennie circled her arm around oppa's arm. And they start to walk to their table.      After onnie sit, oppa still standing and started his speech "Good evening everyone, thank you for coming. First of all, I want to thank my beautiful wife for being here, sitting beside and proudly calling you yeobo"    "I also want to thank to my parent, my parent-in-law and
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