Chapter Seventeen

Bride For Oppa
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Finally back to Luna’s part of view





Even though I’m in coma, I can hear everything happened. I know I’ve been sleeping long enough. Despite the fact that I also want to wake up, I can’t. But when I heard what oppa said, I really want to wake up.

“Jungsoo oppa..”

I finally manage to make a sound. After that, slowly but sure my eyes started to opened.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw is Jungsoo oppa with tears all over his face and red nose. Then oppa hug me so hard. “Op-pa, can’t b-breath” I said the oppa broke the hug.

“Luna-ah, is that really you? You’re awake?!” Oppa shaking my shoulder crazily then hug me again gently. “Oppa really sorry Luna, oppa being so stupid to believe Nara that you. And oppa’s being jerk when oppa.. s-slapped you” I could feel my shoulder became wet. “You’re right Luna, she cheated on me”

“It’s okay oppa, I understand” I said while patted oppa’s shoulder gently. Then oppa broke the hug again. He kissed my forehead and said “Thank you Luna-ah. Thank you for forgiving your silly brother” oppa smiled.

“I will forgive you in one condition oppa” I said while smirking. Oppa raised one of his eyebrow and I continue “You should make Eun Mi oennie my sister in law before I die” I whisper to oppa.

I know oppa really hate the fact that I don’t have much time to life, but I could see from the corner of my eye that oppa blushed. “Luna-ah..” Oppa said.

“I know oppa, I know you hate that topic. But what can I say? It’s the fact, and I definitely can’t leave you alone” I held out my pinky finger “Promise?” I asked oppa.

Oppa hesitated at first, but still lock his pinky finger with mine “Promise” Oppa said while smilling.


Then the door opened revealing Eun Mi oennie with two plastic bags in her hand. “Oennie!” I said and opened my arm for a hug. Eun Mi oennie putted the plastic bags on the table then hug me “You’re awake finally. You don’t know how much we are so worried about you” then oennie broke the hug.

“where’s Eun Sung opps oennie?” I asked.

“He’s at home, he got a slight fever. He just need some rest” Oennie smile. “Have you call the doctor oppa?” Eun Mi oennie asked Jungsoo oppa.

“Why should i?” Oppa asked.

Eun Mi oennie sighed “To check Luna’s condition oppa”


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