Chapter Twelve

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion 6PM   "Eun Mi-ah.." "Jung Soo oppa.." i heard them mumble at the same time with wide eyes.  Ah~ i remember this scene~ After long silence, i decided to break it. "Hungry hungry~ Lets eat~" I said and made Eun Mi oennie sit beside Teukie oppa.   When i was about to eat the food i realize that oppa and oennie still in their own mind. "Oppa.. Oennie.. Why are you not eating? Are you scared to eat my food?" I asked. Oppa was back first "Eh-Oh? What? No! Of course, it must be delicious. Oppa so hungry" Oppa said while rubbing his stomach. Oennie just giggled saw oppa's behaviour. And oppa BLUSHED!!   "Don't worry oppa, Eun Mi oennie helped me. So i promised it will be delicious" I winked at oppa. We are are eating in silence. Not the awkward one, the comfortable one. "It's been a long time i haven't eat your food Eun Mi-ah" Oppa said. Me and Eun Sung oppa looked at each other with wide eyes. "Yeah, i think the last time was.." Oennie tried to remember. "Let's not talk about that" Oppa said, oennie just nodded.   Once again me and Eun Sung oppa looked at each other with one same question 'What happened?' "And your food still delicious" Oppa said then put more food to his mouth. "Thank you" Oennie said and blushed, "But Luna made it with me. So this food is Luna's too" Thank you oennie. "Yeah, oppa i made too" I pouted. "Sorry Luna-ah" Oppa gave apologetic look.   Then, an idea popped out in my mind, "Don't worry oppa, i understand. Whenever Eun Mi oennie is around. The world must be seems like just you, right?" I teased. And it works! Oppa and oennie are blushing madly right now. Kekekeke~   ....   We're having fun eating dinner, until.. "Leeteuk oppaaaaaa~" Aergh that annoying voice. Oppa has troubled face? Eun Mi oennie lower her head. Eun Sung oppa has that this-is-not-good face. And me? I'm totally pissed with that woman/girl, i don't know what she is😒 "Oppa, did you invite her?😔" I asked. Oppa shake his head. Tch, isn't it supposed to be the boyfriend that came to the girlfriend's house?   When she arrived she had confused face. "Eh? Who are you? And why are you sitting beside my BOYFRIEND?!" She asked with pissed face and pointed at Eun Mi oennie. What a rude.. woman? "Eun Sung oppa, Eun Mi oennie this is Nara oennie. Nara oennie, this is Eun Sung oppa and Eun Mi oennie" I introduce them, Nara oennie glared at Eun Mi oennie. " Eun Sung oppa is my friend, we go to the therapy class together. Eun Mi oennie is Eun Sung oppa's sister and Leete
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