Chapter Ten

Bride For Oppa
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3.30PM    Me and Eun Sung oppa just finished our usual teraphy. We were chatting happily while eating some snacks until I saw Nara oennie's 'friend'. The one that she's kissing in the cafe near the hospital that me and Eun Sung oppa saw. "Isn't that the guy that making out at cafe near the hopital with your brother's girlfriend?" Eun Sung oppa curiously asked while pointing at the guy. I just nodded.  That guy sit far on the corner but we can still see him "What relationship do you think they had?" I asked back.   "From how they act when we saw them before, I think he's her boyfriend" Eun Sung oppa said then drink his latte.  "But, Nara oennie is my oppa's girlfriend" I said. "That's mean she's cheating on him"  "That's so evil! Don't you know how much I spend just for her things the last time we hang out?!" I asked a little bit boiled. "Calm down. Anyway, if Nara noona is cheating from your oppa that's can be a good reason for us to separate them" Eun Sung oppa said, "and.." He let me continue.  I was thinking for a while, "get Eun Mi oennie and Teuki oppa together!" I exclaimed excitedly. Eun Sung oppa nodded.   Then, I saw Nara oennie on the front door of the cafe. "Quick oppa! Nara oennie is near! Cover me!" Then Eun Sung oppa drag me to sit with him and cover me with his body. Then we saw Nara oennie came to her 'friend'. And how they greet each is so making me gonna puke. Like what Eun Sung oppa said, making out. "Err.. I'm gonna puke" I said to Eun Sung oppa. Then I got an idea.  I know its random but lately I like to bring my new camera. I like to take pictures these days. So I took my phone and took some photos and make sure Nara oennie's face was clear enough. Kekeke~ her victory days will end soon [;    .... 
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