Chapter Twenty Two

Bride For Oppa
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For the next two chapters will be on Eun Mi or Leeteuk part of view 

    Leeteuk's POV        Incheon Airport  9AM    Today, me and Eun Mi will be going to Bali for our honeymoon. I'm so excited, because one, i can rest from the stress of work. Two, because i can spend it with my lovely Eun Mi😝 I found it cute when Eun Mi always blushed everytime Luna remind us to five her a 'good news' when we come back.    So, here we are. At the Airport to go to our Honeymoon. "Yah oppa, don't you dare to forget about what i told you okay?" Luna remind us once again. "yes Luna-ah. Don't worry"😉 i winked at her. And my lovely Eun Mi blushed again for the 48573929th time. Seeing her cute pinkish cheek make me pinch at kiss it. "Oppa.." Eun Mi hit my chest lightly and buried her pinkish cheek in my chest.    "Son, please take care of Eun Mi and of course yourself" Oemma smile gently. "of course mom, i will" i smile back. "and oppa, bring lots of gifts okay?" Luna said with her puppy eyes. I ruffled her hair "not the hari oppa! Not the hair" "Okaaaaay. Luna-ah.."    Then we bid goodbye when the pilot told us that the jet is ready.    ....    Eun Mi's POV        Plane  9.15AM    Now we're on the plane. We'll be on the air any minutes and the stewardess named Yoon Haerin ask us to wear our seatbelt. I think oppa had some kind of trauma because what happened to his-our parent. Because he looks so tensed. So, i hold his hand gently. Then started to relaxed. "thanks wifey" oppa said when he's back to normal.   ....   Because of boring and not sleepy yet. Me and oppa started to chat random things. Until Yoon Haerin, the stewardess started to come and ask us for drinks or food. But her uniform strangely to revealing than before. And then i realise that she's started flirting with my hubby😰 I know i seems like and overprotective wife, but i cant help but feel jealous😣   I must act quick! "just gave us two orange juice. Thats all" with that i mean, 'please leave' but she insisted oppa to asked what food he want. Aergh😠 "I'm sorry, Yoon Haerin-sshi but my husband
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Angel9 #1
Chapter 24: It made my cry
the last part about her sitting on the white sand and the feeling that she have that her time is now
this story remind me of a best friend i had who died she was just like her she wanted to find a girlfriend for her brother so he wasn't alone when she died and she did it
i was there with her when she died she died in my arms with her brother and his girlfriend next to him she died on cancer i will never forget that day when she smiled at me and sad i told it i could do it make sure they are happy and they will love eachter and i never broke that promise to her
Chapter 24: I love this fanfic XD
well,I'm hungry when I see mi ayam and bakso photos >.<
avaclaire #3
Chapter 24: it's beautiful. the fact that luna didn't think about her romance just shows us that she only cared about her brother and other people in her life. great story. good job author-nim~
Meridian #4
Chapter 24: Sad, sweet, and i cry harder now. Thanks for d great ff author nim.
sweet <3 <3
chapmansquare #6
Meridian #7
Chapter 21: Sweet chapter. :)
blazensaddles #8
Chapter 20: Aw they got back together and stuff :D