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Knocks on My Heart

CinJaerella Epilogue: Yunho's Love

Uri Sojunghan Cheonsa

HoMin: The Spectrum

My First and Last Letter

Let's Love Forever

Stupid Love

Our Love

Love You for Eternity

Falling Petals

My Sweet Gentleman


My name is ELF, and this is my prom15e.

To follow Park Jungsu… wherever he leads us.

To cheer for Kim Heechul… at any cost.

To respect Han Geng… in his every decision.

To sing with Kim Jongwoon… every note and melody.

To accept Kim Youngwoon… as well as all his flaws.

To appreciate Shin Donghee… regardless of appearance.

To adore Lee Sungmin… every side of him.

To watch over Lee Hyukjae… as he rocks the stage.

To support Choi Siwon… in everything he does.

To protect Zhou Mi… and his beautiful smile.

To give strength to Lee Donghae… when his tears threaten to fall.

To take care of Kim Ryeowook… the way he cares for all of us.

To believe in Kim Kibum… no matter what.

To listen to Cho Kyuhyun… for as long as his voice exists.

To stand by Henry Lau… every step of the way.

To cover the world… with Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons.

To love Super Junior… for as long as my heart allows me.



Firstly...I'm  HE

and I love Super Junior a lot... >.<

Have been following them since their debut in 2005 ~^0^~

Have been watching, laughing, crying along with them *__*;

I'm an ELF 

and officially  GENGFAN in 2011

I ship SiHan, HanChul

so the main biased for me is Hankyung/Hangeng

SiHanChul is <3 <3 <3



ah~~ also, married to: Lucifera_Dicentra(deceased)

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