Chapter Seven

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion

6AM   It's 6AM now, I know it's not good for oppa to wake at this at is day off, but I'm too excited>   When I opened oppa's room I saw oppa still peacefully sleep..... alone. Well, if my and Eun Sung oppa's plan work, he wont sleep alone then, hihi[; So, I closed the door silently. I don't wanna ruin the fun(y)   "OPPAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" I screamed so loud. Oppa's eyes shot opened instantly and he quickly go outside leaving me with his super funny panic face, and without wearing his slippers. I guess he went to my room. Oh my god, his face are soooooo funny! I was laughing so hard while rolling on oppa's bed.   After a while oppa came back to his room and saw me still laughing in his bed. "so, you're making funny of me this whole time" I could see he smirked. Oh no. I'm. So. Doomed. Then he start tickling me. He really know my weakness. Well he's my brother anyway.   So, here I am, laughing and begging for oppa to stop. I think tears began to come out. "oppa, p-p-pleaseee s-stopppp" I begged oppa still laughing. And I started to run out of breath. But I had no strength to say it. "no, this is a punishment for a bad girl" oppa answered playfully. Then I began  choked and  coughing pretty hard. Oppa immediately stop tickling me when he heard me coughing and began to panic. "oh my god! Luna-ah!" I don't know what oppa did, I just to focus on getting my breath back to normal.   After a while, finally I get back to normal. Oppa stop panicking and started 'interrogate' me. "are you okay? Are you hurt? Where is it? Do we need to cancelled our plan and go to hospital?" what? And ruin me and Eun Sung oppa's plan? No! "are mad at oppa? Why don't you answered your lovely oppa? Oppa so sorry Luna-ah. Oppa didn't--" I closed oppa's mouth with my hand. "oppa, I'm fine, I'm not hurt, I'm not mad at you oppa. And hell no! We're gonna stick to the plan!" I said. Oppa just nodded. I looked at the clock and it's 6.30AM already! Oh my god! How could just waking this lovely oppa of mine need so much time? "oppa! Looked what you did! We just wasted 30 minutes because of you! Now take a shower and we'll meet at the dining room" I stop for a while. "no, back garden, let's have a breakfast there okay? I'll the the maids" then I left oppa's room. "meet me in 30 minutes oppa! And wear something comfortable and informal! We're going to move a lot today!" I yelled while walking to the kitchen.   ....   Park Mansion 7.10AM   Late! T
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