Chapter Nineteen

Bride For Oppa
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Bridal Shop 

10.30AM      I'm so excited! In 2 weeks, Leeteuk oppa and Eun Mi oennie will be married!!    The media went crazy when the company gave the official announcement about oppa's wedding. I mean, one of world most wanted bachelor is getting married. Moreover there never, even one news about oppa dating somebody.      He didn't even tell the media about Nara oennie. Well, Nara oennie did tell A LOT of people about her relationship with oppa. But hey, who wants to believe her?    By the way, now we're at the bridal shop, waiting for Eun Mi oennie to choose the dress. Leeteuk oppa is not here, we did it on purpose, so it will be surprise for oppa. Kekeke~   Its been about 15 minutes and Eun Mi oennie hasn't found a dress yet. "Oennie, you don't like the dresses?" I ask Eun Mi oennie.  Eun Mi oennie just keep silent. Oh.. I know the problem.  "The dresses to expensive right?" I ask again. Oennie just slightly nod.    "Don't you remember what Teukkie oppa said? The price doesn't matter. What matter is that Oennie is happy" I said and smile.  "But don't you see it? Its really expensive. I need to work for one year in the hospital just to have this dress" Oennie said. "You don't even let my family help. I feel useless Luna-ah"    "Don't you know how guilty oppa felt oennie?"  "What?"  " When he hurt you on high school? He cried for three days. He call me every single day when he's on Holland and to tell me that he's missi
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