Chapter Twenty Three

Bride For Oppa
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Eun Mi's POV 

      Bali  8AM    I woke up to see oppa's angelic face. I kiss oppa's forehead, then his nose, then his lips. When I want to pull from his lips, oppa hold my face and kiss me passionately. After our little make out, finally oppa let go. I blushed, specially when I remember last night, moreover when I realize that we're still and the cover just drop of the bed because of our little make out session.    "Morning" oppa grinned. I burried my head in oppa's bare chest.  "I don't know you love to kiss me that bad" I hit his chest lightly.  "Stop touching my chest you " oppa said, I know he's grinning ear to ear.  "Oppa.." I whinned.    "Okay, okay. Now, where do you wanna go today?" I keep silent. To embarassed to say something. "Or.. Do you want to say on the bed all day. And maybe doing a lot activities that related to bed and honeymo--" I closed oppa's mouth before he said something more embarassing. "Let's go to the beach" I said, "Tch, what happened when the whole world knows that 'The Park Leeteuk' is like this" I mummbled.    Unfortunately, oppa hear what I said. "Believe me wifey, they would agree with my second option" he said and poke my waist when I tried to reach the cover that laying on the floor. "You don't have to cover yourself wifey, I've seen it all" "Oppa!" I quickly cover myself. "Let's take a bath together" he carried me bridal style and the cover drop on the floor. "Oppa!" I struggle but oppa
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