Chapter Sixteen

Bride For Oppa
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Eun Mi's Apartment



I woke up because of the sunshine with great major of headache><"! Aergh! I hate hangover! But when looked around me, I was in a unfamiliar room. I look inside the blanket to check if I did something stupid when I'm drunk. Thank God I'm not. I look at the bedside and there's an orange juice.

After drink the orange juice in seconds, I smelled a familiar delicious smell. When went outside, I saw Eun Mi cooking. She was to concentrated with her cooking. I want to watch her cooking by the door if I'm not having a hangover. So I sat at the dinning table while watching her cooking. Surprisingly, she still didn't notice my presence.

She nearly dropped the plate she's holding when she turned around and saw me. "Yo-you're awake?" She stuttered. I chukled at her cuteness. "Why are you stuttering?" I asked and walk closer to her. "N-nothing" She stuttered and look away when my face and her just inch away. The food is the only barricade between us. Cute!

"Yes" I answered still not talking my eyes of her. "Why are you standing? Shouldn't you having a hangover?" She asked. "So, you want me to have a hangover?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "N-no.." There's a silence. "Let's eat breakfast then visit Luna" She walking to the dinning table. "You better tell you secretary that you won't be comming to office. Not with what happened last night" Then we eat breakfast in silent, not the uncomfrotable one.

After eating we get ready to go to the Hospital.




Car. On the way to the Hospital



We are heading to the Hospital. When I remembered how could I ended up in Eun Mi's Apartment.

"Eun Mi-ah" I called her. "Yes?" She looked at me. "How can I end

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