Chapter Twenty

Bride For Oppa
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8.30AM    Now, i'm in the bride dressing room. I'm in charge of "guarding" Oennie's dressing room. Do you know why? Because our beloved groom insisted to came in and look at his bride. Which the mothers reject it. I bet you'll laugh out loud when you saw oppa's face😂   I heard someone knock the door. "Who is it?" I asked.  "Its me Eun Sung"  "Are you with Jungsoo oppa?" I asked again.  "Why?" I know that Jungsoo oppa is with him.  "I'm sorry Eun Sung oppa. But you're not going to come in until Jungsoo oppa back to his dressing room"  "I'm sorry hyung" I heard Eun Sung oppa said.  "Luna-ah" its Teukkie oppa "It has to be a surprise oppa" I said. Then I heard Eun Mi oennie giggled.  "Jungsoo oppa. Just some more minutes you can see me in the aisle. Don't worry oppa" Eun Mi oennie said gently. What a perfect sister-in-law😊   "But-" "Yah! Park Jungsoo! What are you doing in here? You better go to your dressing room or I'll tell Eun Mi to cancel the wedding" That must be oemma😏😂 I was laughing out loud while oennie, just giggled.    ....    9AM    Being the bridesmaid, I can see how nervous Eun Mi oennie before the wedding. "My princess is getting married now" Mr. Lee said to Eun Mi oennie with teary eyes.  "Appa, married or not I'm still your princess" oennie hug Mr. Lee.  Then Mr. Lee broke the hug, " Eun Mi-ah, you don't want to look sad on your wedding day right?" Mr. Lee said while wipe Eun Mi oennie's tears, then oennie noded.  "So stop crying. Your groom is waiting for you" Mr. Lee smile warmly then nod to give the signal that they're ready.    The door o
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