Chapter Eleven

Bride For Oppa
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Park Mansion

6.45AM   Me and oppa are having breakfast. Because last night incident, we ate breakfast in an extremly silent. "Luna-ah" Oppa began. "Yes oppa?" "I want to apologize about last night" "Its okay oppa" "Its just, last night dinner meeting really stressed me out" "Its okay oppa. I understand. So, is that mean you want to take a look at what me and Eun Sung oppa 'found' yesterday?" I asked carefully. "Lets, just have a peaceful breakfast" Oppa said. Aergh! "Fine!"   Then an idea popped out in my mind. "Oppa, tonight you have to be inside the house at 6.30PM!" I said. "I'm not sure if i have a meeting or not Luna" "Fine, but don't blame if im not talking to you until God know how long. Well maybe not so long. I'm gonna die in less than two years anyway" I know oppa really sensitive when it comes to this topic. "Park Luna. Please, we both know that i don't like that topic" Oops, someone pissed. "So don't came home late then" i said and shrugged. "Okay okay. Why do you want it so bad anyway?" "I'll cook. So you better tasted my food" "Okay~" Oppa pinched MY CHEEK! He knows how much i hate that! "Oppa!~" I whined. Oppa just winked.   ....   Hospital 3PM   Like usual, i always have my therapy with Eun Sung oppa. And we just finished our therapy. Now we're walking to Eun Mi oennie's office. She should be done by now. "Oppa, are you and Eun Mi oennie free tonight?" i asked Eun Sung oppa. "Well, i don't have anything to do. Like usual. But noona.. I don't know, she just moved to her new apartment. And she has job at cafe, remember?" I mentally hit myself. How can i forgot? "Well, lets just asked oennie"   ....   "Oennie!" I ran the second i saw Eun Mi oennie then we hugged. "Hi Luna. I
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