Chapter Two

Bride For Oppa
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10AM   Today i have to go to the Hospital for my routine check up. Like always, oppa drop at the Hospital. When we arrived, "have a good day Luna-ah. Oppa will pick you up. So just wait. Okay?" said oppa. "okay oppa" I winked at oppa at get out from the car. I waved at oppa and wait for his car to disappear then walk to the 5th floor.   When I arrived, the nurses greeted me. Well, there's not much patient here. And I came here two or three times a week.    ....   Hospital Garden 3PM   After few hours of usual treatment, the doctor said that I need to buy special painkiller. Because there's a big chance that I'm gonna had a bad headache.   After I bought the painkiller, I went to the Hospital Garden. Oppa usually pick me up here. I sit in one of the bench. The Hospital Garden is really beautiful, I can see a lot of patient here. Some of them even using wheelchair. Sometimes, I feel blessed. Because, even tough I don't have much time to life, I still can walk by myself. I can't imagine to go everywhere with wheelchair. I bother oppa to much now, if I use wheelchair, I will bother oppa more.   My thought was broke because my phone rang, it's oppa calling "hello?" "Luna, oppa so sorry. Can you wait for two or more hours? I had emergency meeting. I promise we'll eat dinner at everywhere you want" oppa said without letting me to talk. I thought oppa will talk again, so I just keep silent. "Luna? You're there right? Nothing happened, right?!" Okay, it's my time to talk. And oppa started being panicking brother again-_- "oppa, I'm okay. Yes, I'll wait oppa" "okay, oppa love you. Bye!" "bye oppa~"   Okay, how can I kill two hours alone? I don't think I can hangout with the nurses. They're too busy. I think I just will play randomly with my phone then. After about 15 minutes play with my phone, I'm starting to get bored. I hope someone just randomly come and start talk to me. And God granted my wish, a guy look so cute approaching me. Don't get me wrong, what I mean cute was like aegyo cute, not handsome cute. He's handsome, but, aergh, you understand me, right? Please say yes><"!!   "hello, my name is Lee Eun Sung" he greeted me. "hello, I'm Park Luna" I smiled. "mind if I sit here?" he asked. "not at all" I smiled again. After he sat, "so, what do you mean with I'm a patient too Eun Sung-sshi?" "i'm 19, and from your look, you look younger than me, call me oppa" "okay oppa" "well, you know I'm a patient here too, I saw you doing therapy few times when I did therapy too. What's your disease?" "I had brain cancer. You oppa?" "I don't really understand about my disease. But I just one year to life left" he smiled bitterly. "really? I only had two years left" I said. "lucky you" he said and looking at the sky. "no, you're 19 oppa. If you died next year, that's mean you're 20 years old. I'm 17, the next two years, I'm only 19. You had one year longer than me" I don't really like the topic, so I tried to change it. "so oppa, are you done with your therapy?" "yes" he replied shortly.   "why are you still here Eun Sung oppa?" "well, my parents is pretty over protective. So they made my noona to pick me up. Sadly, my super busy noona agreed. You?" "well. My parents went missing on a plane accident. And my super over protective brother never want me to be out from the house by myself. The point is, I'm waiting for my oppa too. Why your noona so busy oppa?" "my
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