Bad romance
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Resting with her back against a tree in a sunny day, Kim Minjeong rubbed Min's belly as this one laid on the grass of the spacious garden


"I know, but it's the best for us. I don't want her to miss important things because of me and now I'm not the best version of myself." She told the cute dog


Min continued laying there next to the hand that was massaging her 


"I'm not abandoning anyone. I want her to be totally happy and have everything she has always wanted and for that I need to change. It's not possible that she's more mature than me. I'm like child next to her." Winter reflected as the dog continued relaxing under the tree


The brown haired sighed "I will be back...I won't let her escape. Trust me, Min. I'll be someone she can be proud of. No more alcohol and no more yelling. I will stop being my spoiled self and will give my best to her" she told the dog 


Unexpectedly, it got up and only threw herself to Winter's face. 

"We were talking important things. I'm bearing my soul to you. It's not time for kissing!" She told the dog but this one continued trying to her face


Mrs. Kim smiled seeing her daughter playing with Min. 

"Don't you think Winter has changed a lot? Why does she have to go? Why don't you stop her? She's finally back" She asked to her husband who was changing his clothes.


He stopped doing what he was doing to look at her wife's sad expression "I didn't tell her to go to another country. She proposed it herself." He admitted 




"It's her decision not ours" 


Mrs. Kim clenched her fist "But I don't doubt this one of your stupid tests. You probably got into her head and made her think it was the best" 


"It is the best. Our daughter needs to prove herself and the only way is starting over. She needs time and space to grow alone, just like Karina." He told his wife before putting his hands on her shoulders


Mrs. Kim took a deep breath. 

"Trust me. Everything will be alright." He said confident that Winter will do well in Washington. 

At the same, certain high school student arrived home. The first thing she did was to look for her girlfriend. She wanted to fight her again, however the older didn't let her to.


"Why do you want to leave me? do you have any idea how much this hurts me?" 


Winter sighed "I'm not leaving you. I love you." She told her trying to grab her hands, but the younger didn't let her


"Why? Why did you make me fall in love you if you were going to leave me?" Karina asked very sad ready to cry 


The brown haired grabbed her hands anyway and only pushed her against the tree "Karina, I don't want to leave, but I love you more than myself... I need to do better and you need to grow at your pace. This hurts like a but when I get back to you, I will be the best version of myself.. I promise that to you Karina. I love you." She explained before kissing her lips tenderly


The black haired forced with Winter for a few seconds, however pretty soon she gave up and let her girlfriend kiss her


"We shouldn't fight." she said between kisses holding Karina's head with both hands "Don't fight these feelings" she added many times as they kissed desperately. 

Just like she thought, Winter used this kiss to cloud her senses and even if her puppy was reckless she needed to support her decision. 

Due to the lack of air, the younger pulled away "Promise me that you'll be back soon." 

Winter looked at her with warm eyes "In a blink of eye cause I can't live without you." She told her 


"I love you, Winter. I love you more than anyone" Karina confessed ready to cry


The brown haired pulled her for a hug "I know. I feel the same way. That's why I'm sure this time will pass in a blink of an eye." she told her, then kissed the side of her head many times.




A happy Han Miyoung worked diligently, while her assistant didn't understand her good mood. 

She has always been so cold that it was scaring her "Mrs. Han, are you sure you're

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