Very very… Winter

Bad romance
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Working like any other day, an angry Han Miyoung did her best to keep her mind off the things that made her hysterical. 

"Miss Han, are you okay?" Minji asked worried again for her boss. 

The short haired stood up abruptly of her seat "Minji, if your little brother did something to do you that could ruin your whole life. What would you do? And let's add that your girlfriend is protecting the little bastard" she asked annoyed and jealous. 

The younger woman looked at her boss "I would be furious with my girlfriend and I would seek revenge" 


"Right?" Miyoung asked, not believing how Karina sided with Jungwoo. "I should destroy him" she added clenching her fist because he knew about her since long ago and never said anything 


Minji smiled "My little brother always annoy me, but I always find my way to come out victorious." She answered honestly as she thought how both pulled each other by the hair in front of their parents 


"Why are you smiling?" 

"Because that's his way of showing that he missed me" 


Miyoung frowned for a few seconds, until a big sigh came out of her as she thought about herself and Jungwoo. They used to be close, really close like the other's half. 

Despite of things being a bit blurry, she could remember that it changed once her father changed their destinies. She began drinking and he started studying more and more. For some odd reason he thought he had to do as good as her at college. 


She could remember how he hated spending his days studying without rest after his father told him that he would have to follow his steps at DDM.




In a crazy party with lots of excesses by the pool. Kim Jungwoo looked for his twin who had been missing for weeks. He didn't have time for this but seeing his mother crying because she didnt know where she was broke his heart. 

His eyes widened when he saw her being the dj of the party and getting kissed by kissed by a woman, and then another. She continued mixing unbothered.


The young man couldn't believe how she had been hiding and living her life like this the passed few weeks

"What the ?" He asked upset, then walked straight to her and grabbed her by her arm. He didn't let her speak and only took her out.

Wimter was so lost after partying so much that she just followed him. She didnt even grab her stuff and was only in her bikini top and denim shorts

Inside his car, Kim Jungwoo looked at his older sister who continued spacing. "What the hell is happening to you?" He asked frustrated 


The red haired only covered her face with her hands cause she was really dizzy 


"Don't you know how mom is after you disappeared like this?" 

Winter scratched her head "I don't care! I don't care about anything" She answered very drunk 


"You're not like this." 

"I don't know how I am anymore..." 


The handsome man looked at his older sister and soon frustrated crying came out of him "You're so selfish!" He raised his tone of voice and hit his steering wheel "I try and try... but it just doesn't come out my way" He complained as his tears rolled down his cheeks 


Winter didn't say anything 


"He looks at me... and for some reason I believe he wants me to do as well as you. But I CANT! I'm not you! I'm the child that is a failure" He cried, feeling so little next to his twin 


Winter scoffed "And what am I supposed to do? Pity you?" She asked him stil drunk and bitter "that's your life and you chose it. Now bear it cause it is your destiny!" She added before coming out of the car to return to the party.


Jungwoo his car and drove away. 



"All of the thing that could have come to my mind... That was the one" Miyoung murmured as her assistant looked at her 


"What's wrong?" Minji asked 


The short haired bit her lower lip "I could get my revenge, but I'm not that person anymore. I have changed and he might face the consequences of his actions sooner or later. I guess she was right" she thought, then left her office to go see her girlfriend. 

Feeling like a fool for causing an scene this morning, Kim Minjeong thought about what to say on her way to the marketing department. 

In front of her computer, Yu Karina worked diligently after avoiding her friend's questions. They were so curious about Winter and Miyoung, but she couldn't say anything. Due to Mrs. Kim who texted her this morning telling her about her hu

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