Bad romance
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Looking at each other confused at how things had turned in Karina's story. The four women didn't know what to say. For some of them that person didn't seem very nice at all. 


"That was kinda charming of her, but still. That person is a red flag!" Yujin complained 


Karina drank her organge juice carelessly, while the chinese one thought about it for a second "Hey.. Is that Jungwoo the same as in our boss?" she asked curious. 


The other three looked at Karina. "Well, yes..." she answered. 


"No way! He's totally amazing. I knew it. I fell for him as soon as i heard his name." Yujin let out. 


Ryujin was open mouthed for a second, then composed herself "What about her? What happened afterwards?" she asked, feeling attracted to that type of women "What if she was only tsundere?" she asked. 


"Tsundere?" Yeji asked with a smile "That's my type." 


Karina crossed her arms "She's not tsundere... She was an egocentric spoiled brat." she answered as she got upset for what came to her mind.


"Eh?!" The four let out, seeing how Karina clenched her fist on the table. 




Shopping with Jungwoo, a happy Yu Karina walked around the shopping mall. Yes, at first she refused to accept his proposal, however on saturday the whole family will have a nice dinner and she didn't have any dress for that important reunion. 


"You don't need to hold back. I have a black card." He told her gently. 


"This is too much." Karina said shyly cause he was carrying all of her bags like a gentleman. 


Jungwoo smile "Don't worry. Besides what my sister did was not okay." he let out, then grabbed her hand softly "Karina, thank you for not telling my dad. They don't have a good relationship anymore and this will cause war" he added


Karina looked at their hands "It's okay...You don't need to thank me." she said nervously and releasing from his grip. 


Jungwoo loved how nervous she was for such a simple thing. It was clear the younger girl was really pure and cute. "Let's go to that store. My sisters dress there." he said, grabbing her hand again and pulling her. 


Karina didn't like that, but he looked so happy that she she just went along. 


Inside the store, everything was really fancy and costly. "Are you sure?" she asked surprised at the prices. 


"Yeah, choose whatever you want." He answered gently, until he noticed two familiar faces. It seemed they were choosing new purses. 


A stressed Kim Minjeong held back her hair "Just choose one because i won't apologize again" she told Kazuha, getting angry 


"Only one? I want them all." The japanese spoke with a smile. 


Minjoeng rolled her eyes "Whatever." she let out, turning around bored of everything. She smiled when she saw Karina and Jungwoo and didn't mind approaching them. 


Jungwoo sighed "Exactly what we needed." he said, not so happy while Karina didn't understand why Winter was with that woman. Her brain did gymnastics wondering what was their relationship. She couldn't deny how pretty and elegant her friend was. 


"Wow! You're working hard Jungwoo. I have never seen you like this." The brown haired spoke with a mocking tone, looking at the many bags in his hand.


"Let's go, Karina." He said, ignoring her. 


Suddenly, someone else approached "Babe, Why did you leave me alone" she asked, then noticed Jungwoo and Karina "What is she doing here? Is people like her capable of affording anything in this store?" she added 


"Od course she is and even more after what you two did." He answered angry


Minjeong giggled "Stop acting this kind little brother. It obvious that you like her a lot. You don't even go shopping with Minju." she said, looking at Karina who was still spacing at the "Babe" she felt so hurt to find out that Winter could be possibly dating that shallow woman


"Talking about her. Aren't you going to text her back? She's always asking me about you." Kazuha asked, annoying Jungwoo


The youngest couldn't help to feel very sad in front of the others "Why her?" she asked softly, turning her attention to Winter who stopped smiling after seeing Karina's afflicted expression 


Winter was starlet for second "What do you mean?" she asked coldly, but a frustrated and jealous Karina hit her chest with her fist, then left the store in a hurry. 


"Karina!" Jungwoo called going after her, while Winter didn't undertand why she hi

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also jungwoo char dev... well he needed time to get to know his self-
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Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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Chapter 33: 🎉🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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