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Bad romance
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Filled with different emotions that she couldn't define, Kim Minjeong looked inside her big closet room. She touched one of the flannel shirts's sleeves as she was reminded how she loved this kind of shirts. 


"Han Miyoung would never wear flannels" She thought with a smile, then touched one of her expensive leather jackets "Why did she bring a dead person's clothes here? Should I find it cute or odd?" She asked to herself 

Her eyes widened at the big variety shoes but some converse got her attention "These were my favorites" she let out grabbing the classic ones until she noticed another pair next to hers.


Those were pretty worn out and practically useless "Why is she keeping these?" She asked confused and leaving hers on its place before grabbing those. 

"Honey, get ready. We have a long day" Karina spoke entering to the closet room only to gasp 


Winter looked at the worn out shoes "Why are you keeping this garbage?" She asked puzzled, seeing how Karina approached to snatch them from her hands 


"These are not garbage. They are precious. Don't say that ever again" The taller let out hugging them against her chest as she thought about all the things she was able to overcome thanks to those shoes. 

Winter frowned as Karina looked at her precious objects "Should I get jealous?" She asked upset at the way she was looking at those 


"These shoes... these shoes..." A moved Karina tried to speak and tell her 


The short haired rolled her eyes annoyed until she saw Karina crying "What's wrong?" I'm sorry... I will behave!" She told her in panic


Karina put the mentioned shoes next to Winter's favorite ones, then wiped her tears "I... I... After meeting you, I couldn't stop dreaming about you. I wanted to get to know you and make you proud of me. I really worked diligently and when things got awful I never gave up." She spoke confusing the older woman


"Karina..." Winter called wanting to touch her, but for some reason she decided wait 


The long haired bit her lower lip "I swear when I met you, I couldn't think about anyone else. For me you were the most beautiful woman of the world... An angel. An angel that came down to Earth for me to give me hope." She confessed "I have always loved you, Winter" 


Somehow after hearing all that, a shocked Winter was able to remember that Karina has always told her so. "We have met before..." she spoke, doing her best to remember, but it was useless.  

Not being able to let it go, she grabbed Karina by her shoulders and pushed her against the shelve to look at her eyes, and then to the shoes next to her. 



Walking with her best friend to the nearest coffee shop close to their college, a happy Kim Minjeong looked at her best friend "Really? I her car?" She asked surprised 


"What did you want me to do? It was a once in a lifetime situation." Giselle spoke proud of herself "What about yourself? Did you get some action?" She asked curious 


The brown haired sighed "Yeah" she answered not so happy 


" don't sound contented" 


Winter stopped walking "I just don't know." She let out confused 


"What?"  Giselle asked 

"I mean, Kazuha is great... but that's what love is about?" 

The Japanese frowned "What are you saying? I thought a woman like Kazuha would make you happy. She's totally obsessed with you and is capable of anything." 

"Of anything but saying no...I just find it..."


"Boring" Giselle completed


Winter was surprised at her sharpness.


Giselle grabbed her friend's shoulder "Don't look at me like that. For some odd reason everyone gets you bored. What do you really want? You asked for an intellectual and you dated Wendy Sunbae, but you didn't like it and wanted hotness, so you went for Kazuha. What now?" She asked 


Winter removed her hand "I don't know,.. I just know that love shouldn't be like that. It should be exciting with a person capable of expressing without fear of losing me. Getting what I want is boring " she answered 


"So you want a woman that gives you war." 

"No... I just... Loo! a puppy!" Winter pointed happily, then noticed the Pucca next to it. "it's too hot today... I wonder if that person is okay" she added a bit concerned 

Giselle sighed "You're a child" she let out uninterested, then pulled her to the coffee shop. 

The following days, Kim Minjeong spotted the same pucca with her puppy handing flyers. Her shoes were totally worn out. It was at that moment when she realized pucca was a woman.


It was crazy how she wanted to approach and give treats to her puppy but always something happened. If it wasn't Giselle, it was Kazuha or her annoying sunbae Seulgi's distracting her. 


So, one day without thinking much, she entered to one store and bought some pretty converse red shoes for pucca and in another store she bought more treats for her cute puppy. 

"What are you doing?" Giselle asked, seeing how her friend looked around. 

"I'm looking for her" 


Giselle opened her eyes wide "Kazuha?" She asked curious 


Winter turned her attention to her best friend "No. Pucca" she answered honestly


"If you want a dog adopt it"


"You're so annoying." 

Giselle shrugged "Anyways, let's hurry we have test" she said walking ahead until Winter finally found Pucca working hard since very early like everyday. 

She got angry and clenched her fist when she saw how someone dropped her flyers. "Why are they bothering her?" She asked frustrated 


Giselle pretty fast grabbed her friend's wrist "Wait. That's a group. You can be a Kim, but you're weak af" she said, but Winter released from her grip and went to pick up all the flyers.


Boiling and kinda sad because she detested people like that, Kim Minjeong approached Pucca with the flyers in her hands. She felt terrible for her. Why people had to be jerks? 


"Don't listen to them, you're doing great by doing what you need. So, don't let them set a roof on you and continue without holding back because when you're constant good things happen." she said, getting her attention.


Winter knew Pucca was looking at her, so she got on her knee in front of her to grab something of her backpack "Here.. I bought these a few days ago." She let out, giving her puupy some dog treats. "He's so cute!" she said, patting him excitedly like a kid.


"He's.. not..."


Winter looked at her "Does it have a name?" she asked with a smile as the puppy got on her two legs wanting to her face cause she loved the treat.


"No... I have to look for a good owner." Pucca answered shyly.


The college student caressed the dog behind her ears "It's a pity." she let out with

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