Bad romance
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Looking through her window with her twin and her little sister, a surprised and confused Kim Minjeong looked at her father having a word with Karina before sending the kids to their new school. 


"It's incredible how interested he's in their education." She spoke angry at her father. 


Chaewon sighed "Well, he's the youngest." she told her, doing her best to calm her oldest sister. 


"Don't blame them. He just wants to do what he considers right with Jisung."Jungwoo let out, not wanting his sisters to have any kind of bad feelings for them. 


The youngest looked other way, she just couldn't continue seeing how nice her father was to the newcomers. "I get it with him, but what about her? Have you seen how father has treated her?" she asked


Jungwoo smiled nervously "Hey! Dad just want them to feel welcomed." he said, seeing the look on her little sister's eyes. 


Minjeong stopped looking and closed the curtains "Your concern is suspicious, little brother." she said with a smirk. It was clear by her tone she was already teasing him "If mom finds out...or if Minju finds out hell will brake loose" she added very amused by it


The handsome man clenched his jaw, while Chaewon covered her open mouth with her hand, not believing it. His brother couldn't fall for that girl with no background.


Suddenly, somebody else entered to the room "Your father has gone crazy. I understand sending Jisung to that school, but her? Why does he care about her?" she asked very irritated. 


The three looked at their mother, recognizing that she was about to rant. 


Minjeong didn't care and only approached to her desk to grab a glass of her drink. Her mother looked at her cause it was really early for that "Are you going to drink?" she asked softly. 


The oldest her children looked at her mother "What? i can't?  Are you going to start with reproaches? Do you want me to leave?" she asked serious and getting upset. 


"No,no,no" Mrs. Kim answered, getting closer to cup her cheeks "It's just that i thought.. that Croatia changed you a bit." she added, not wanting to upset her


Minjeong removed her hands of her face "Change? What for?" she asked full of bitterness, then left her room completely angry at everything around her. 


Mrs. Kim moved her head side to side. 


"Mom... " Chaewon called, but this one ignored her. 


Jungwoo approached to his mother "I'm sorry, mom but you know her. She's not the same person anymore." he told her, feeling bad for his oldest sister's behaviour. 


The two siblings left the room, while their mother returned to hers to talk to her husband, who was getting ready to go to his company.


"Why are you keeping those kids with us? Can't you see what you're doing to our own? Minjeong is upset and depressed" She asked him as he was checking himself. 


"You talk as if they are little kids, and regarding Minjeong. She has me completely disappointed with her attitude. If she's so bothered by my decisions, then she should leave and start living on her own without my support" He let out. 


Mrs. Kim gave a step back "How can you even say that?" she asked. 


"You have spoiled her so much that she's incapable of seeing properly. I won't give in to her whims just like you do whenever she doesn't get what she wants. So, forget about it. Jisung and Karina will stay" He said calmed, then gave her a kiss on her cheek and left the room. 


He didn't hear anything that she was saying. To be honest, he didn't care. His priority was making her son feel as welcome as possible in his home. 


Hours later, an angry Kim Minjeong woke up due to a barking dog, which was excited playing with Karina and Jisung.


The spoiled woman felt awful after drinking so much in the morning "What the ?" she asked, rolling in her bed. Pretty pissed, she came out of it cursing at the reason "WHAT'S WITH DOG? Can't you see that i'm sleeping?" She yelled opening the door where she saw her mother 


Mrs. Kim didn't know what to say "I'm sorry, but it's already 1:00 pm." she told her. 


"So what? If you don't make those two leave, I WILL LEAVE!" Winter yelled angry


"No,no,no, Winter... They will, just give me some time. This fever for Jisung will end soon. Don't worry." Mrs. Kim said, wanting to calm her


Winter entered to her room very angry, while her mother didn't know what to do for those intruders leave. 


Soon Mrs. Kim was notified that one of Winter's friends came to visit her, and she couldn't help to be happy to hear it cause maybe that woman is able to change her daughter's attitude. 


As soon as she entered to Winter's room, she jumped on her bed and gave her a hug "Why are you still sleeping?" she asked, kissing her face. 


"Kazuha! Don't do that!"

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Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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