Two different people

Bad romance
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Pretty confused at what he was seeing, an open mouthed Mr. Kim looked at scene from inside the car. It looked like his daughter was arguing Karina as the two came out of her car. 


Winter didn't mind parking well and only followed Karina inside their home. "What's happening here?" he asked worried about the orphan girl and ready to put his daughter in her place if it was necessary. 


He waited for his driver to park behind Winter's car to go after them and stop their quarrel. 


At the same time, everyone heard Winter trying to stop Karina but no staff interfered and only looked how the two went upstairs yelling at each other. "I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" the younger yelled, but the brown haired refused.


"But I.. " 


"No buts!" 


"Stop!" Winter grabbed her hand not letting her get in her room


Karina looked at her hand "If you don't let go of my arm, i might kill you." she told her. 


"No, i'm not going to fall for that" 




Winter stopped holding her hand scared "No,no,no, don't do it!" she said many times, she knows Karina is strong. 


The younger glared at her, then walked to her room with an annoyed Winter followed her "EVERY DAY IS GOING TO BE THE SAME IN OUR LIFE?" she yelled, getting hysteric and entering to her room but as soon as she saw Karina she calmed. 


"I just wanna know why are you so upset with me.." She spoke softly. 


"Are you really asking me that?"


A concerned Winter "Yeah" she answered gently. 


"You're are treating me like an idiot!" 


"No" Winter did an x with her arms.


Karina scoffed "Then, i will tell you... because you're TRASH AND CHEATER!" she yelled angry at her before going to her desk "Now leave cause i have to study." she added, grabbing one of her pens. 


"What? Why?" A lost Winter asked, then grabbed her arm cause she wasn't understanding . She just knows Karina started acting weird all of the sudden


They were having a nice cinema date until an old friend of her approached to them and greeted her- According to Winter there was nothing wrong with it, however in Karina's eyes that woman was flirting with her and her girlfriend didn't do anything to stop it. That woman even touched her girlfriend's hot abs. 


Just when things were about to get messier somone else entered the room and saw Winter grabbing Karina by the arm "What's going on?" Mr. Kim asked all serious. 


Winter sighed cause she couldn't let her father know about their relationship just yet, while Karina looked other way. She didn't expect him to enter to her room. 


"Nothing much, dad. We're discussing about school" 


Mr. Kim looked at the two "Why did you picked up Karina from school?" he asked a but confused cause the younger was still in her school uniform. 


Winter and Karina got nervous, but the older answered fast "I was telling her were to practice german." 


"Is that true, Karina? I never knew you two were so close." 


Just when Karina was about to answer Winter pulled her by her waist to stand closer to her, leaving no space and even dared squeezing her "Yes, we are." she told him enjoying this. 


Karina smiled "Yeah, totally. Don't worry Mr. Kim." she added before pricking Winter's with the pen she had in hand.


Kim Minjeong took a deep breath and resisted the pain in her cheek, however when Mr. Kim left the room. She yelled in pain and rubbed her "Why so rude?" she asked. 


The black haired scoffed "Right. All the women that do not sleep in your bed are rude." 


In pain rubbing her cheek, Winter looked at her girlfriend "Karina! stop saying that.. people might think that i slept with a lot women. I'm not a addict.." she complained teary cause she did it hard and now it felt like burning there. 


"And you aren't?" Karina aked serious


"No, YES, NOO. I'm confuised!" Winter answered in panic and in pain, but Karina didn't care. She was so freaking jealous that she grabbed her girlfriend by her shirt and pushed her out of her room. 


Winter fell on the floor in the middle of the hallway."!" she let out irritated.


Suddenly another door opened. It was Jisung "What did you do to my sister?" he asked. 


"Nothing. I'm so fed up of this situation. SHE'S SO..." Winter said angry, then tried to get up but her cheek hurt. 


"Shut up! Do you wanna fix this or not?" Jisung cut her off. 


Winter pouted cutely "I just want her to love me. Why is she acting like this?" she asked not yelling anymore and trying to understand why she did wrong. 


After dinner, Kim Minjeong laid on her bed face down as she she tried to put some cotton in her little wound. "I must be bleeding. I'm sure." she murmured angry at Karina. "She's crazy. Nobody has ever... it. I can't reach it." she thought, letting the cotton fall of her hand. 


Much to her surprise a knock on her door distracted her. "What?" she asked. 


"It's me.." 


"Come in" 


Winter did her best act to cause pitty "It hurts.." she complained cutely on her bed.


"I know. I will blow it and clean it up because it can get infeccted." Karina spoke as she closed the door and had some things in had. 


The brown haired nodded cutely "Just don't use alcohol it might hurt." she told her before letting her do what she needed. 


Karina smiled wickedly before putting a lot alcohol in the cotton ball she brought, then she pulled down Winter's pant dow

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