Bad romance
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Karina looked at her friends as they didn't know what to say. 


"I knew you were an M." Yeji told her, not surprised. 


Ningning exhaled "Oh, please. Where's your self respect?" she asked. 


Karina shrugged "You will understand me when you fall in love. There's nothing more powerful than that" she answered. 


"At this point, i'm only listening because i don't like the feeling of not finishing something." Ryujin let out, while Yunjin still had hope that her friend ended up with Jungwoo. 


Ningning pouted "Look, if that was the case then everyone should stay with their toxic lovers." she spoke, hating Winter. 


"I knew who she was before.. She wasn't a toxic woman. She was confused, mad with the world and with anyone who dared to get close to her." Karina said as clenched her fists and more memories came to her head. Yes, her first love gave her everything including many games that were unberable for a teen.




Completely changed after having a shower early in the morning, Kim Minjoeng put on some make up on her face, until someone interrupted her. 


"Wow! You're up." Jungwoo let out surprised. 


"Yes. What do you want?" Winter asked serious. 


Jungwoo was starlet "You're not drunk?" he asked, cupping her cheeks. 


"No. " 


He smiled "Congratulations" he said before sitting on her bed. 


"What do you want?"  Winter asked again. 


"Well, i was concerned. I heard the maids talking and they said you tend to enter to Karina's room and i wanna know why, since you're not so nice anymore" 


The oldest smiled "Ah.. I was curious. Hey, how old is Karina?" she asked to her twin. 


"Mmm 18." 


"Nice. Legal." 


Jungwoo got up instantly "Why so curious? She's a nice and pure girl. Don't mess with her." he warned her. 


"Wow, you fell really hard for her, little brother." Winter spoke with a smile, enjoying how serious Jungwoo has gotten. 


The handsome man looked at his sister "Yes, i do like her." he answered, while his sister turned around "You can't do that. You're engaged to Minju and if mom finds out, she will kill you." she warned him, hiding the fact that she was annoyed. 


"If she accepts marrying me. I wouldn't care about what Minju or my mom will do to me." He told her with a bright smile


Winter faked a smile, then turned around "Prepare to die, little brother." she told him, slapping his cheek "playfully"  a few times until he got annoyed. He grabbed her wrist "Your concern sounds like jealousy to me." he added. 


The older released from his grip and laughed "Me? I just gotta snap my fingers and i will have her here ready for me." she spoke confident.


Jungwoo clenched his jaw "I'm not going to let you toy her like you do with Kazuha and the others. She's not like that." he said irritated before leaving the room and slamming the door. 


Winter's smile faded away "Poor little brother, he's not aware that he's not in the race." she spoke serious, then turned her attention her mini bar, but rathered not to. 


She took a deep breath and came out of her room to have breakfast with everyone. Her eyes widened in the middle of the hall seeing how Jungwoo was talking to Karina and Jisung. The three were smiling for some reason. 


"Good morning." She told the three. 


Jisung looked other way cause he couldn't stand Winter. Of all his siblings she was detestable and he just couldn't even see her, while Jungwoo sighed. 


"Good morning." Karina told her with a small smile. 


"What were you guys talking about?" Winter asked 


The three looked at one another, but soon Karina answered "Maths. We all hate maths." she answered. 


"Why? They are the easiest thing ever." Winter asked, looking at the three as if they were really stupid. 


"For you because you're the genius of this home, but for us simple mortals they are awful." Jungwoo tolod her. 


Winter smiled " to be you." she said, having no empathy. 


"I'm way too hungry!" Jisung spoke, grabbing his sister's hand to pull her with him. 


The two older followed them, while they continued to talk to each other. 


"You know, Kazhua is way too intense. She wants to come over later." Winter lied wanting to annoy Karina. 


Jungwoo smiled, he didn't know iwhat his sister was planning but the more she keep Karina away from her the better "What do you expect? You guys have been together for so long. That she's addicted to you." he told her as they walked. 


Karina didn't say a word, but she was listening. 


Winter smiled cause her brother took her bait. "We're just friends, but i lately i think is time to give her a chance. She accepts me for who i am and forgives me easily." she added. 


The black haired continued walking, while clenching her jaw. 


"That's good!" Jungwoo told his twin. 


Winter looked at Karina's back as this one pretended to not care, so she added more fuel to the fire to obtain anything from the younger girl "Yeah! i should make it offici---"


"I WON'T ALLOW IT!" Karina yelled out of the blue and turning around. Jisung and Jungwoo were shocked by her statement


Winter smiled "What? you won't allow what?" she asked, enjoying how red Karina's face and ears were. 


The teeneger took a deep breath, then walked ahead leaving everyone behind. 


"Karina." Jisung called before going after her. 


"What was that?" Jungwoo asked confused. 


Winter shrugged her shoulder "She hates Kazuha after what she did with her dresses, prince charming." she said

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