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Bad romance
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As it was some sort of bad joke, Kim Jungwoo looked at the woman standing in front of him. "Winter..." he called shocked. His eyes were opened wide and he was pale as a paper.


"This is the second time someone calls me like that today." Miyoung thought confused "I'm Han Miyoung a representative of SpotOn Digital and she's Choi Minji my assistant" she told him.


Jungwoo stood up and offered his hand to both.

Miyoung refused to touch him, but Minji did "Nice to meet you..." he said, while Minji explained about her germophobia.

He didn't listen and continued doing his best to look at her in the eyes, but her glasses were quite distracting. "Why? Why does she look so much like my twin sister?" He thought frustrated and wondered if Karina already saw her. 

Before any of the two could speak again, the door opened all of the sudden and reveled Karina releasing from Jungwoo's assistant grip. 

"Winter!" She called with tears on her eyes and approaching to her, but Miyoung only frowned and slapped her hand harshly when she tried to touch her. 

"Why do you keep calling me like that. I'm Han Miyoung" 


Jungwoo gasped "No, she's not Winter" he thought relieved, while Karina only got on her knees in front of her completely broken hearted. "Why? Why? Why you do you look like her?" She cried loud looking at the floor as her tears continued rolling down her cheeks 


Miyoung and her assistant were confused 


"Karina" Jungwoo called and helped her to stand up "Miss Han, we'll talk later" he told her before taking Karina away. 

"What did just happened?" Minji asked.


"I don't know" Miyoung answered until she noticed her clenched fist, she was pressing so hard that she hard small wounds cause by her nails. 


Checking herself in her mirror, Kim Minjeong fixed her make up until somone entered to her room.


"Are you ready to meet the wedding planner?" Mrs. Kim asked with smile happy to see her sober. 

Winter turned her attention to her mother "No way" she told her.


"But you..."


"I'm not gonna marry and that's my last word" Winter said serious before leaving her room to enter another.


As soon as Karina saw her, she tried to kick her out but Winter didn't let her "You look so pretty. Where are you going?"


"Not of your business!" Karina answered angry cause they kissed at the school festival. She didn't want to be easy for this cocky woman.


Winter puffed her cheeks "Why are you so angry so early? I already apologized."she asked acting cutw


"You kissed me!" 

"And you liked it!" 

Karina wanted to refute that but she freaking loved it "I'm out. Move" 


"No. Where are you going?" Winter asked annoyed.




"Hahahaha you think of yourself as someone really funny, don't you?" Winter asked , getting hysteric in a second.


Karina shrugged carelessly. 


A knock on the door distracted them "Noona, are you ready?" Jisung asked.


"You two are going out? Then we should go together" 


"Wait! N.." Karina tried to speak but Winter grabbed her hand tight, then opened the door to her little brother. 

The young boy was surprised to see Winter in his sister's room so early in the morning. "What are you doing here?" He asked


"We are going out together" Winter answered, pulling Karina against her to cover .


Jisung smiled "We are going to have so much fun Noona" he let out innocently, while Karina only bit Winter's hand as the walked behind him.


On the way, they saw Jungwoo coming out of his room, but Karina ignored him and Winter only stuck his tongue out at him.


He sighed and tried to talk to Karina, however he remembered what she told him and only moved his hand side to side.


The three got in Winter's car. Jisung was copilot while Karina sat in the bag with annoyed expression on her face that Winter ignored. She didn't want to try her luck so she let hee be for some time "So, where are we going?" 

"We're going to Selfless love" Jisung answered with a smile.


Winter frowned "What's that?" He asked


"It's a shelter for elders. We are volunteers." 

The brown haired frowned "You two woke up 7:00 am on Sunday to volunteer?" She asked, then looked at Karina through the rear view mirror.


"We woke up at 6..." Jisung corrected her.


Winter nodded a few times "You two.. are amazing" she told her, before grabbing her pilot sunglasses to drive "Let's volunteer." She said motivated.


"Noona, your clothes... "


"What's wrong?" Winter asked


Karina sat properly "They are are fine..." she lied cause she wanted to see Winter struggle.


Jisung smiled, then used naver maps to guide his older sister.


30 min later, the three arrived to the place where many men and women were working. Some were painting, while others we

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