Han Miyoung

Bad romance
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After a nice celebration, The Kims enjoyed a nice breakfast in their beautiful garden... 


"I can't believe you are going to marry." Chaewon told the maknae of the family. "What are you going to do after your graduation?" she asked curious


Karina held Chaewon's arm and pouted cause her little brother wasn't little anymore. 


Jisung smiled "Well, i was thinking about working in DDM." he answered honestly, while his father didn't say a word or cared. Everyone noticed but rathered not to say anything. After all, he was making an effort since last night. 


Jungwoo wrapped his arm around his neck "Right timing, little brother. Now with this merging i might need some extra hands." he said with a smile. 


"Merging?" Mrs. Kim asked, then looked at her husband. "Why did you do that?" she asked 


"Easy mom. We are going to make a ton of money.. The only downside is that a representative of the other company will come and stay for 3 months to supervise. I have heard she's... difficult to say the least." He metioned already tired. 


Chaewon blinked a few times "How difficult?" 


" level. Han Miyoung, you better not give me troubles." He let out clenching his fist, while his siblings looked at him. 


A little bit worried about that merging, Mrs. Kim looked at his husband but this one refused to say anything. It was obvious, he was so done with DDM. 


"I was thinking. Maybe, we can all visit Winter." She said hoping her husband would say yes, but the only one who reacted was Karina who stood up "I gotta go. If you excuse me..." she told them, then walked away. 


Mr. Kim also got up "I'm done with breakfast, i will be in my room." he let out, then just entered to his home, while his daughter pouted "Mom, why? Why did you menationed her?" she asked, then just walked away too.


"But.. but.. i just..." 


Jisung held his mother's hand "It's okay.. I know you miss her." he told her, while only moved his head side to side "When are they going to get it? She's dead" he thought angry at how it still affect them after so many years. 


"I should get going. I don't want that woman to arrive before me." He said, then left the two alone.


Half an hour later, Yu Karina arrived to the company a little sad thinking about Winter was making her depressed. Just when she was about to sit her friends distracted her. 


"Awful night?" Ningning asked, offering her a cup of coffee. 


Karina only sighed 


"It seems like it... " Ryujin told her as they sat next to each other. 


Yunjin grabbed her head "So that means you're not going to tells us about you and that jerk?" she asked


"Do you want to hear that?" Karina asked. 


"Of course, it's my favorite drama. I'm so curious. Did she get her redemption arch?" Yeji asked dying to know 


Kairna held her warm coffee in her hands  "You have no idea... She became a fluffy, sweet and hysteric puppy. It was the cutest thing ever" she answered with a bright smile. 




In a school festival, Yu Karina did her best as a gypsy woman. She had no idea about that but she just played her role well for the festival, while her little brother seemed to be having fun in the taekwondo team and doing his demonstrations. 


She was so proud of him cause now he was standing up from himself and he was getting quite popular with the ladies. 


Much to her surprise somone sat on her table "Again you? What are you doing here?" she asked annoyed at Winter cause she didn't want to talk to her. 


"This is my former school and i was invited to this festival by the princpal" Winter shrugged. 


"You think of yoursef as so cool, don't you?" Karina asked, ready to leave but Winter grabbed her hand "You have to do your job properly. Read my hand." she told her. 


Karina wanted to refused, however the brown haired was not letting go of her. "I read your hand and you leave." she told her serious. 


"Okay." Winter lied shamelessly, then moved her chair to be closer to Karina. 


Both looked at her big hand for a few second until the gypsy woman spoke. "Okay, here it says that you're an idiot..." 


"Okay, i admit..." Winter interrupted her. 


"Jerk, stupid, hysteric and that you like every woman you see." Karina spoke, holding her hand tight 


Winter bit her lower lip, but fast thought about her rebuttal "Yeah, but that line

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