Bad romance
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Hearing a phone's alarm made Kim Minjeong open her eyes slowly "What the.. Who set an alarm?" she asked very sleepy, but then she noticed who was in her arms as they continued in their spoon position.


"No, i don't wanna wake up."Karina mumbled, grabbing Winter's arm on her waist to make her hug her more. 


Winter was a bit shocked at first, however pretty soon a smile formed on her face when she remembered that a cute Karina knocked at her door in the middle of the night and used her charms to convince her to have a private pj's party.

They didn't do anything , instead they played among us and garden scapes until very late. "You have to go to school. Wake up." she told her pulling her even closer. 


"I don't want to. I wanna spend more time with you like this.Don't let me go" 


Much to her surprise, an hypnotized Winter was getting so drunk with the lovely scent of Karina's nape. She just couldn't believe all the different things her fragance was causing her. It was the first time a woman got her like this so early in the morning and she couldn't deny how heart was racing for Karina. 


A happy Karina turned to see the apple of her eye "Tell me to stay." she whispered to a nervous Winter, who was completely mesmerized by the beautiful woman in her bed. 


"I wonder if she has figured out that i'm thinking about her constantly." Winter thought as she got closer slowly and connected their foreheads together "How can you go on like this without any doubt?" she asked blushing a lot all of the sudden


Karina smiled brightly "Because i remembered that i got your halo in my hand." she answered, loving this intimate moment so much that she was even more in love than yesterday. Yes, Winter rejected her again, but somehow it felt so right. Now she has realized that she needs to give Winter some time before asking for everything. 


Once again Winter was speechless and the only thing she could was having the most intense eye contact with the younger girl. There was no doubt Karina got her flying high so high that she couldn't even recognize herself. "What should i do now?" she asked to herself before placing her hand softly on her cheek to caress it romantically. 


Suddenly, a knock on her door made both sit on the bed


"Winter, darling. Are you up? Mrs. Kim asked, wanting to open the door, but it was locked.


With her hand on Karina's mouth "No, give me a second." She told her mother, then looked at Karina "What do we do?." she whispered, but Karina bit her hand, then hid under the bed. 


Once she was completely hidden, Winter grabbed her robe and opened the door "Whatt are you here so early mom?" she asked a bit angry cause she wanted to spend more time with Karina before this one goes to school. 


"I have good news, darling:" Mrs. Kim let out with a smile before entering to the room. Winter sighed and closed the door "That can wait until  later." 


"No, no, no." 


Winter looked at her bed "Then hurry cause i wanna shower." she told her a bit nervous because she sat on the bed. 


"Your dad is listening to me." 


"And?" Winter asked as Karina pouted under the bed. 


Mrs. Kim stood up and got closer to her daughter "Your dad will send those kids to London." she told her happy and grabbing her hands. 


"What?! NO!" Winter yelled clearly angry, while Karina frowned under the bed. "This .." she thought, feeling betrayed


"What's wrong? Isn't that what you wanted?" Mrs. Kim asked confused by her daughter's expression. 


Winter turned around and looked at her mini bar, but then just shook her head "Yeah... Before." she answered, not dealing well with idea of Karina leaving any time soon. 




"Mom, you have to stop him!" Winter spoke serious, then turned to see her. 


Mrs. Kim couldn't understand anything, her daughter was pretty angry at the intruders, but now she was reacting badly to the good news. "Why?" she asked, wanting to understand her. 



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oofiee 1034 streak #2
Chapter 33: they have a family 🥹 yeji lost without even putting up a fight LOL

also jungwoo char dev... well he needed time to get to know his self-
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Chapter 33: i love their first encounter with pucca karina and puppy min 🥺🩷 all these years karina had loved winter and Min grew up to love that baby powder scent
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Chapter 33: when i read the last part, i was like “is this the end” !? because i didn’t see the status but oh no😭 gonna miss this fanfic and maybe will reread it
blanketlove 93 streak #5
Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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Chapter 33: 🎉🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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