Bad romance
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Noises of barking dogs and people laughing ended up waking someone who had the worst headache of her life "What the hell?" She asked, sitting on her bed totally upset and dizzy.


The door opened reveling her mother with a tray in hand "Winter, I brought you medicine." She spoke as she walked to her bed. 

Winter scratched her head "WHY ARE THE SO LOUD SO EARLY?" she yelled irritated. 

"Honey, it's 1:00 pm" 


"So what?" Winter asked in the worst mood ever "I can't stand it!" She added mad.


Mrs. Kim looked at her daughter as this one took her pills and glass of water "Winter" she called 


"I want those dogs gone" 


Mrs. Kim sighed and fixed her daughter's hair "You know your father bought those puppies cause Karina was very sad and so was Jisung" 


"I don't care! I can't sleep" Winter told her, removing her hand harshly, then got out of the bed "Mom, it's me or those dogs. GET RID OF THEM NOW" she yelled full of hatred. 


Mrs. Kim looked at her daughter and then just nodded. She left the room and went to the yard with two of the maids. 

The siblings played with the two puppies on the grass, while their older dog seemed very excited to play with its new mates.

They were so distracted that they didn't noticed Mrs. Kim approaching with two maids. "I want those dogs gone" she told her. 

"What?" Karina and Jisung asked at the same time and grabbing their new puppies.


The maid grabbed the biggest dog by its collar while the other asked the siblings politely for the puppies.


Karina stood up "Why? You can't..." 


"Don't be insolent. This is my home not yours and if my daughter says that she can't sleep because of these animals, then they have to disappear" Mrs. Kim replied angry, then took the puppy from her arms, and so did the other maid.


Jisung was frozen in his spot, but his older sister as a soon as she heard "daughter" she walked away in a hurry to Winter's room.


Mrs. Kim didn't understand her reacting and only gave the pup to her maid. "Take them away" she said coldly.


Openjng the door harshly, Karina entered to Winter's room.


The brown haired was in her robe with a glass of something in her hand "Who the hell you think you are to enter like this to my room?" She asked angry.


Karina took a deep breath "How dared you? Your mom took the puppies away" she told her teary.


"Well, they were annoying and it bothered me" She said coldly without any kind of remorse. 


"Everything bothers you!" Karina let out frustrated. 

Winter turned her attention to her "So? It's my home and I decided what goes on or not." She told her.


"I'm so tired of you. They are taking the pups away because you are a selfish and hysterical !" She spoke irritating the older.


Winter threw her glass away and grabbed her by her arms "HOW DID YOU CALL ME?" She yelled shaking her. 

"HYSTERICAL !" Karina yelled angry.


Winter held her wrist tighter "ASK ME FOR FORGIVENESS! ASK ME!" She yelled losing her cool 


Suddenly, someone separated them "Winter, calm down" he said shocked at his twins actions 


"Wow, Prince Charming came to the rescue.You two make such a perfect couple... The small energy and the gold digger" Winter mocked them. 

Karina felt the pain on her wrists and soon her tears were rolling down her cheeks. She didn't understand why Winter was acting like this again. 

"Take her away before I do something you won't like" 


Jungwoo looked at Karina "Let's go.. please" he said before taking her away. 

Winter messed her brown hair, then just walked to her mini bar to drink some more. "Damn it. Why did I fall for her?" She asked to herself before drinking her glass all at once. 

Suddenly, her door opened again.


"Those dogs are gone like you wanted" Mrs. Kim spoke feeling a little bad about it.


Winter bit her lower lip "I don't even know how even accepted. You have never liked animals.." she spoke, preparing another drink for herself


The old woman got closer "Winter, please stop drinking is so early in the morning." 

"If you don't accept it, I will have to leave." 


Mrs. Kim did her best to control

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