Bad romance
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A happy Karina looked at her friends's shocked faces 


"A love hotel?!" Ningning spoke, covering her eyes. 


"Did you guys..." Yunjin tried to ask, while Yeji and Ryujin were open mouthed. 


Karina denied with her head softly "I was very silly at that time. I thought that if we had our connection would be stronger, but i believe Winter saw through that, so that's why she rejected me" she answered.


"Oh. Really?" Ryujin asked. 


"She said that i deserved better." Karina explained as she thought of it. 


Yeji hit their table with her fist "How did she dare to reject you?" she asked. 


"I don't know why, but i don't think of her as jerk anymore." Yunjin confessed, while Karina smiled "It's a little too soon." she told her. 


The others looked at Karina confused. 




All dressed up in her school uniform, Yu Karina didn't understand how she arrived home last night. "What did i do?" she asked to herself as flashes of yesterday were confusing. 


She could only remember sweet words and a tender hand that caressed her cheek "What's the possibility? Did i.. Winter?" she asked blushing at the memory of a red Winter without her shirt looking at her.


"I need to talk to her." She thought, getting nervous of what could have happened last night.. 


Due to how stressed she was. Karina didn't notice that someone else entered to the room until this one gave her a sweet backhug. 


Karina froze in her spot as she saw their reflection on the mirror. Somehow, Winter looked different today and it didn't go unnoticed to the younger girl "Are you okay?" she asked redder than ever. 


Winter didn't answer and continued resting her chin on her shoulder, melting the younger with her actions "Ab- about yesterday." she tried to speak, but Winter made her turn around to face her. 


Both looked at each other in the eyes for a few seconds, until the shorter finally spoke "I want... i want a date." she said. 


Karina opened her eyes wide "What the..." she thought overwhelmed. 


"I want us to date properly." Winter repeated, doing her best not to show how nervous she was this morning. 


The black haired nodded many times after hearing those words "I want a proper date too." she let out with a smile, not believing how lucky she felt. 


Winter listened carefully, then placed her palms on her cheeks "During breakfast.. Tell'em that you will stay at school studying at the library. I will pick you up after school" she told her unable to control whatever she was feeling now. 


"Yes, yes." 


The brown haired smiled, then gave her a sweet kiss on her lips very different to the messy ones of yesterday. "See you later" she said totally hypnotized by Karina's beauty, then left the room before someone else notices. 


A shy Karina covered her face, she was on cloud 9. Finally, she will have a proper date with Winter and it couldn't feel better. 


During breakfast, Karina did how she was told and asked for permission to stay until later at school. Nobody suspected a thing, and she received many praises by Jungwoo and Chaewon, while Jisung felt more uncomfortable at that rich kid's school. He didin't have friends and he was bullied, but he just couldn't tell his new "family members" 


Bored in her room, Kim Minjeong stopped scrolling instagram when she heard some barks "She must be as bored as me without her." she thought for a second, then stood up and went to the yard to give some attention to the dog. 


As it was expected as soon as Min saw her, she got up of the grass and jumped on her "So you want to play?" she asked, grabbing a ball close to the dog's wooden house. 


"Okay. Let's play." Winter let out with a smile as the dog barked excitedly. 


Winter played with her for some time until someone interupted her moment. He grabbed the ball and threw it far, so Min went after it.


"Wow. Look at you." Jungwoo spoke with a smile 


Winter smiled too "What are you still doing here? Don't you have to go to the company with dad?" she asked, hiding how irritated she was. 


"Well, i wanted to talk to you." 


The brown scoffed "What?" she asked, seeing how Min looked for the ball. 


"I want to know where did you take Karina yesterday? " He asked clearly jealous. 


"That... Well, she was drunk and if i had brought her here. Dad would have killed you. You're welcome." Winter answered with a smile, getting closer to slap his face "playfully" like she always does.


Jungwoo grabbed her hand 


"C'mon little brother show me a smile." Winter told him as she released from his grip


"A smile like yours when you came out of her room this morning?" He asked. 


Winter was a bit shocked at that because she thought she was careful, but still she played fool "Are you spying me?" she asked mocking him. 


"No, but i have the feeling you're getting into another trouble." 


"Please, like what?" 


Jungwoo looked at his twin in the eye "Like seducing her.

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