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Bad romance
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With the biggest smile ever, Kim Minjeong looked at her girlfriend playing with her dogs on the grass from her room's balcony. "Why is she so cute so early?" She asked, feeling butterflies in her stomach. 

She blinked a few times at how that came out without even thinking "What am I doing? I should tell her" she talked to herself before hurrying out. 

On her way she saw her mother, but she just ignored her before Karina stops being cute. 

"Winter! We need to talk" 

"I'm busy now" She replied and only continued her way to the garden. 

Mrs. Kim frowned "What is she doing?"she asked, but soon got distracted by her son who was coming out of his room. 

"Can we talk?" He asked with a book in his hand.




Jungwoo invited her to his room and the two talked. 

Sitting on the grass, a focused Yu Karina did her best to teach Jisung's new puppies tricks but they weren't listening and Min was having terrible time with those two small and biting puppies. 

"Don't judge me like that, Min" 


The big golden retriever only laid on his belly and let the two puppies annoy her until a familiar smell made her stand up. She ran away to jump on the woman that was getting ready to scare Karina from behind


"Min!" Winter called doing her best to not let her her face. 

Karina turned her head shocked to see her girlfriend on the ground with her dog being totally happy her face. "I think she loves you as much I do" she told her with a smile 


"What?" Winter reacted then sat and caressed the big dog's stomach with a smile on her face, while this one had her tongue out enjoying her warm hand. "I really don't understand why she likes me so much but I do appreciate it." She added 

Karina looked at her girlfriend and just when she was about to tell her about how they had met before Jisung interrupted the two. 

He walked closer with a bag of treats making Min stand up and run to him just like the puppies as soon as they smelled that in the air. 

"With this you will be trained properly." He said confident cause the new pack addition were destroyers and very active. 

Winter took her opportunity and grabbed her girlfriend to pull her with her to a more secretive place.


Jisung observed the two running away "Wait! Weren't you going to help me, Noona?" He asked with dog annoying him for more treats "Sit! Sit!" He said trying to control the little beasts that were biting his pants. 

Far enough, Kim Minjeong took her girlfriend to the back of the household in the small forest they had. 

"suddenly?" Karina asked with a smile


"Yeah. I needed to do this" Winter answered before giving her a sweet kiss on her lips "Good morning" she added 


Karina's heart fluttered "You told me by text.." 


"It's not the same. I wanted to see your lovely face" 


The black haired got shy and only turned around to not see her girlfriend, while Winter only smile at how cute Karina was. 

She didn't resist long and gave Karina a tight backhug "I still can't believe it... after longing for you and dreaming about you...we.." Karina tried to speak, but couldnt due to the arms that held her. 

Winter smiled, then kissed the back of her head understanding what she wanted to say "Me too... I can't believe we made love." She completed her sentence, but soon got worried "How did you feel?" She asked concerned. 

"As if I was going to die.."


"Eh?!" Winter asked getting more worried and even was about to let go to make Karina face her, but the younger didn't let her 


"As if I was going to die of happiness" She finished her idea feeling how Winter was able to breathe again. 

The brown haired bit her her head softly. 

"It hurts" Karina complained, then turned aro

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Chapter 33: i'm so hooked up reading this all night such beautiful story, i'm glad the got the happy ending.
oofiee 1034 streak #2
Chapter 33: they have a family 🥹 yeji lost without even putting up a fight LOL

also jungwoo char dev... well he needed time to get to know his self-
blanketlove 93 streak #3
Chapter 33: i love their first encounter with pucca karina and puppy min 🥺🩷 all these years karina had loved winter and Min grew up to love that baby powder scent
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Chapter 33: when i read the last part, i was like “is this the end” !? because i didn’t see the status but oh no😭 gonna miss this fanfic and maybe will reread it
blanketlove 93 streak #5
Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
Kiankyle #6
Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
cleofierayne 59 streak #7
Chapter 33: 🎉🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Chapter 33: 🥰
Chapter 32: whipped winter is the best hehe
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Chapter 32: oh dad and miyoung meetup finallyyy