Bad romance
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In a car, Yu Karina spaced thinking about her first love, while the driver seemed very upset.

"I just don't get why are you acting like this, I already apologized" Jungwoo told her.


Karina got back to Earth "If you defend me like that at work everyone might think that there's something going on between us" she told him coldly.


"But I..."


"Jungwoo, you are not my boyfriend"


Jungwoo stopped the car abruptly "Why are you hurting me like this? Can't you see? Winter is not coming back to protect you. She's dead!" He told her frustrated.


Karina got off the car with Jungwoo following her "Get in the car!" He said losing his cool.


"No" She said loud, then took a taxi to her destiny, while Jungwoo cursed at his sister "How long do you plan on hunting us and not let her be happy?" He asked angry, then entered to his car to follow that taxi.


Minutes later, both arrived to the Kim's household where they were welcomed by their mother "Karina, Jungwoo. I'm so happy you two made it" she said cupping Karina's cheeks.


"Hello, mother. Where's Jisung?" Karina asked with a smile.


Mrs. Kim smiled back "He's getting ready. He seems very nervous about his engagement party. How about you honey? You're thinner. Are you eating well?" she asked concerned by Karina's weight.


"Mom, what about me?" Jungwoo asked


"I see you everyday" Mrs. Kim answered coldly, then held Karina's hands "Honey, can you do me a favor?" She asks her


Karina nodded "Yes, of course mother" she told her


"Can you talk to him? Its Jisung's engagement party and he should be right next him. I... " Mrs. Kim tried to speak as she was getting teary.


The black haired cut her off "It's alright, I will talk to him. Don't worry, mother" she said with a warm smile before going upstairs. 

Karina walked the hallway and couldn't help to see herself and Winter arguing and then kissing passionately cause that was Winter's way to appease her anger.

She got teary but then just walked to certain door.


She took deep breath before knocking.



Karima bit her lower lip "Dad, it's me. Karina" she said softly.

"Karina.." He murmured




Mr. Kim got up of his bed and opened the door to her. "What are you doing here?" He asked while Karina looked at the old man that haven't shaved in a long while and was still in his pjs .


"It's Jisung engagement party. Why aren't you dressed up?" She asked as he returned to the bed.


"For what? Why would he want a person like me in his party? I'm a failure as a parent... and now my daughter is It's my fault, I killed her" He cried grabbing a picture frame of his family he had next to his bed to hug it.


Karina tried to be strong but her tears were showing up "That's not true, dad. Winter is not dead"




The black haired was about to crumble right there, however a voice in her head forbid her to "Dad, you're going to stand up, shave and dress up because Jisung needs you just like Jungwoo, Chaewon, me and Winter."




"No! You said that you wanted to be there for Jisung after missing so many years of his life, so you're going to act according to your words and you will have no regrets!Are you listening to me?" She asked him 


Mr. Kim looked at the young woman standing and only nodded. 

Karina nodded too, then left the room "See? I'm doing and saying what I feel.. Now you have to comeback to me" she whispered as she walked to her little brother's room.


She knocked before entering "You look handsome." She told him as he smiled at her



Karina approached him to fix his tie "Are you happy?" She asked


"Extremely... but I'm also a bit sad"


"Why?" Karina asked


Jisung sighed "Don't you remember how it was before? I couldn't have achieved this happiness without Winter noona." He admitted as she thought about her.


Karina hugged her little brother "Even if she's not here now, you can think about the memories you made together and live it again" she told him gently.

"You think?" He asked, getting a nod 


Jisung approached to his desk and opened the first drawer where he found old pictures of him, Karina and Winter in her car.


Memories made him smile as he saw Winter's scratch on her cheek and his swollen cheek, while Karina pouted.


"She should be here to see me getting engaged to the prettiest girl on campus" He said with smile as his brain took him several years back.




A sober Kim Minjeong entered to certain room after not being capable of sleeping.

Karina stood up of her vanity table "What are you doing here?" She asked angry in her school uniform.


"If you're not dating my brother, then why are you wearing h

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Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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